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The first batch of weapons from the United States arrived in Israel: what is happening in the war now

The first aircraft with American weapons arrived in southern Israel. And US President Joe Biden called the Hamas attack “absolute evil,” reports CNBC.

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“Our common enemies know that cooperation between our armed forces is stronger than ever,” the IDF said.

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Latest events

US President Joe Biden called the Hamas attack on Israel “an act of absolute evil” and reaffirmed Washington’s support for the country, reports The Wall Street Journal.

“There are moments in this life, and I mean this literally, when pure and utter evil befalls the world. The people of Israel experienced such a moment this weekend. This was done by the bloody hands of the terrorist organization Hamas, whose purpose of existence is the murder of Jews. It was an act of absolute evil,” he said.

“Let me dispel doubts. The US stands behind Israel. We will make sure that the Jewish democratic state of Israel can defend itself today and tomorrow, as we always have,” Biden said.

Israel continues its airstrikes throughout the closed Gaza Strip. He completely cut off water and electricity and cut off food supplies to Gaza's already impoverished and stranded population of about 2,3 million.

In four days, about 2 targets were hit in the Gaza Strip.

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Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, said it was holding about 150 hostages captured inside Israel. Among them are Israelis and citizens of other countries. The US and other governments are working to determine the number of foreign hostages being held by Hamas.

The death toll from ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas has surpassed 1800, with more than 1000 killed and 2700 wounded in Israel and at least 1055 killed and 5180 wounded in the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian and Israeli health services.

Humanitarian organizations are asking for corridors to be created to deliver aid into Palestinian-ruled territory. WHO and the UN are concerned that amid the near-total siege, hospitals are overcrowded with wounded and running low on supplies of medicine.

Killing of civilians

Kibbutzim date back to the founding of Israel, when small groups of people formed communities based on the idea of ​​living together.

According to the Jewish Agency of Israel, approximately 125 people live on Israel's approximately 000 kibbutzim. For many they were symbols of the good life and security.

What happened over the weekend destroyed this idyll, reports CNN.

On October 10, the bodies of Israeli residents and Hamas attackers were found near burnt houses in the Israeli Kibbutz Kfar Azah. Hamas sent troops of heavily armed fighters. They crossed the border from the Gaza Strip and rampaged through rural communities, killing hundreds of people (Israelis and militants).

Houses in Kfar Aza were looted and set on fire. Overturned mattresses, destroyed furniture, broken trinkets and unexploded grenades were strewn across the area along with bodies.

“I have never seen anything like this in my career, never in my 40 years of service could I have imagined something like this,” said Maj. Gen. Itai Weruw.

Kfar Aza is one of several kibbutzim, small farming enclaves, that bore the brunt of Hamas' ground attack. The IDF said women, children, infants and the elderly were “brutally killed in Hamas actions.”

On October 9, more than 100 bodies were discovered in Beeri. According to Israeli authorities, civilians were killed and taken hostage at the kibbutz, which is home to about 1000 residents.

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Frightened residents told an Israeli television channel that the attackers went door to door, trying to break into their homes.

The attack on Be'eri came around the same time Hamas militants attacked a music festival just 5 kilometers to the south, shooting participants at point-blank range and taking their property. More than 260 bodies were later discovered at the festival site. Many of the participants were allegedly captured and taken to Gaza and are desperately sought by family members and foreign governments.

In Urim, a kibbutz 15 kilometers south of Beeri, residents woke up at 7:6 a.m. on October 30 to the sound of sirens and rushed to bomb shelters. The sirens continued to sound throughout the morning, and people were moving in and out of hiding.

On October 8, after a restless night, residents of Urim heard shots nearby.

A soldier living in Urim said he heard shots but was unable to reach the shelter in time.

“I heard six shots right outside my room. I can't tell you how scared I was. I didn't know what I should do first: hide, lock the door, find a weapon, run to the nearest shelter? - he said. “There was nowhere to hide, so I ended up hiding in my closet.”

“Shortly after 1:30 pm we heard gunshots from inside the kibbutz. We gave up everything. We ran as fast as we could towards the shelters. We locked the doors and barricaded ourselves inside. People had knives and things that could be used as weapons,” said Wayne Lucas, a Virginia native who serves in the IDF.

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