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The village in Italy offers tourists a week of free rest in the villa

A village in Italy offers to pay tourists to stay in a villa this summer in order to encourage people to come after quarantine, writes The Sun.

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A village in the Molise region, located a two-hour drive from Rome, allows tourists to stay for 7 nights for free in some vacant houses and villas throughout the region.

The deal was concluded by the town hall in partnership with the Amici Del Morrutto cultural association called Regalati il ​​Molise (give yourself to Molise).

The region offers 40 free trips during the summer for accommodation in the villages of San Giovanni in Galdo, from July 4 to October 3.

The offer includes a villa with two, three or four beds.

To apply, you need fill in the form in Italian and not be a resident of Molise.

One application can be submitted for 1-5 people, and in the form it is necessary to indicate the reasons why you would like to come on vacation, as well as information about the identity cards of each applicant. More than 600 people have already applied.

Molise managed to maintain a low incidence of coronavirus compared with the rest of the country without new cases for almost a week.

Now the region hopes to encourage tourists to visit places that are usually absent on their radar.

Local activist Enzo Luongo, one of the initiators of the project, told The Telegraph that some houses in the village were empty for many years after locals left the area to move to richer corners of the country.

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Currently, the region is home to only 305 inhabitants.

He added: “These are beautiful but desolate villages with no accommodation for tourists, so we thought: how can we help revive our historic villages and also encourage visitors in these difficult times when tourism is historically low?”

The New York Times has declared Molise one of 52 places worth visiting in 2020.

Last year, the region offered 700 euro ($ 787) per month for three years to move to Molise, so as to increase the population. For three years this amount will be 25 euros (200 dollars).

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