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Coronavirus isolation regime introduced in Illinois: what does this mean for residents

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker issued a decree urging residents to stay home. The decree aims to stop the spread of coronavirus 2019-nCoV. It operates throughout the state, reports NBC.

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The decree will enter into force on March 21 at 17:00 and will be valid until April 7. Also throughout the state, schools will be closed before this date.

“We know that it will be difficult, but we are looking for any means to overcome the crisis,” Pritzker said.

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In addition, the governor ordered the municipalities to stop all evictions and sent additional resources to help the homeless. School districts continue to supply food to students in need.

All parks and libraries will be closed until the expiration of the decree.

“I want to clarify: this is not a blockade or martial law,” said Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot. “There is absolutely no need to change your usual habits.” Grocery stores will work and are equipped with everything necessary. Therefore, please remember your neighbors and do not buy goods beyond the necessary. Think of the current state of affairs as a new norm. ”

In fact, the decree will close the “non-essential” enterprises that may still be open. It defines who is considered a “necessary employee” (for example, officials, grocery store vendors, pharmacists, health workers, child care providers, the media).

In the western part of Chicago, in the suburban village of Oak Park, a decree to stay at home also entered into force on Friday, March 20. Thus, the mayor of the village and health officials are trying to stop the spread of the deadly virus. The decree is valid from March 20, 00:01 to April 3, 23:59.

“All the people who currently live in Oak Park are ordered to stay at their place of residence,” the document says. “When indoors or outdoors, they should always, as far as possible, maintain a distance of at least six feet (1,8 meters) with respect to each other when they are outside their place of residence”

In Illinois, five deaths were previously reported among more than 580 with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, which is increasing daily.

Although the United States did not have any regulations in place throughout the country, the Illinois decree is similar to the protective measures that apply worldwide.

In France, officials imposed restrictions on the movement of people, allowing people to leave their homes to buy food, go to work or other important tasks.

The Swiss government declared a state of emergency, ordering the closure of shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities. The measures do not apply to health workers, as well as supermarkets, but entertainment facilities will be closed until April 19.

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Italy and Spain issued similar decrees.

In Spain, people are only allowed to leave their homes to buy food and medicine, go to work, go to hospitals and banks or make trips related to caring for children and the elderly. All schools and universities were closed along with restaurants, bars, hotels and other non-essential retail outlets.

As reported by ForumDaily:

  • California Governor Gavin Newsome Decrees All 40 Million State Residents should stay home due to the growing epidemic of coronavirus.
  • The order was issued late on Thursday, March 19th. He encourages people to stay in their homes, with the exception of important trips.
  • The decree follows similar restrictions imposed earlier this week. in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Californians can still go out with their children, not forgetting the necessary distance (2 m) in relation to others. Also, people are still allowed to walk their dogs.
  • Important reasons include trips to the grocery store, gas stations, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, banks and laundry machines.
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