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In Illinois, 65-year-old refugee from the USSR attacked a black cyclist

Illinois resident Irene Donoshaitis got into a conflict with a black cyclist claiming that he needed a pass to walk on a public pier. The woman told the man to get out, then hit him and asked: "Maybe you want to kill me?" New York Post.

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On Monday, September 14, Irene Donoshytis of Norfield informed Otis Campbell of Skokie that the public pier at Tower Road Park is only open to Winnetka residents. This information was denied by an employee of the park, who explained that a pass is needed only for those wishing to get to the beach, but for the pier it is not required.

The video shows 65-year-old Donoshytis trying to continue her claims, but Campbell interrupts her.

"This is a public place, isn't it?" He asks, and this is confirmed twice by a young employee.

“No, not public,” Donoshaitis argues. "This is a place for those who live in Winnetka, and we pay for it."

Campbell then reiterates that the employee “didn't say that,” after which Donoshaitis asks her to call the manager.

“There’s nothing funny about that,” Donoshytis told Campbell, who said he was “dying” of laughter.

"You're crazy? She continues. "Maybe you want to kill me?"

“Of course not,” Campbell replies. - Why would I kill you? Because I'm black? "

“Yes,” Donoshaitis's response is heard from the video, after which she ridiculed Campbell and asked if he was an “idiot”.

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This was followed by her spanking, most likely on Campbell, as he threatens her that she will "go viral" on the web because of this incident. The posting of the video did indeed contribute to her arrest, as Winnetka police confirmed to The Post.

Meanwhile, Campbell, in a detailed Facebook post, stated that Donoshaitis had profiled him racially. In the post, he calls her Karen (in American social networks, this name has become a household name, implying an irritated and arrogant woman who demands to “invite a manager”).

"Please note, this happened after she aggressively told us to leave because we were not allowed on the public pier without 'parking passes,'" Campbell wrote.

Donoshaitis was charged with a hate crime. She was initially charged with battery, but the state attorney's office decided to raise the crime status. Pantagraph... If confessed, she faces up to a year in prison.

At the hearing, Judge Anjana Hansen set a bond of $ 10, forbade Donoshaitis from contacting Campbell or other witnesses, and ordered her to surrender her passport. She is due to return to court on September 000th.

Campbell, 25, said a woman ran into him right after he finished a bike ride with his cousin and friend from the nearby suburb of Skokie, where Campbell says he grew up.

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Campbell said Donoshytis told them, “This is America. You cannot do this. I'm from Winnetka. You need to go back to where you came from. "

Donoshaitis's lawyer Jeffrey Fagan said the woman is a refugee from the Soviet Union who moved to the United States due to persecution.

“Her story and version of events is a misunderstanding between the parties,” Fagan explained, adding that the situation has worsened due to the tense situation in the country.

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