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Real men play golf: how this sport infiltrated the beloved profession of immigrants in the USA

Many immigrants in America go to work as truckers. They are attracted by the high salary and ease of employment - the relatively short training period and the opportunity to start from scratch with no experience in the United States (often enough experience in driving a truck in their home country). In other professions, where an immigrant can go without American experience, there is no need to talk about such salaries as in trucking.

SVB Express Golf Team. Photo: SVB Express

However, working in this industry has one significant drawback, due to which many abandon their trucking career after a couple of years. Trucking is a very sedentary job. Lack of physical activity, and in some cases also lack of sleep and snacks, can quickly affect health and appearance, so many decide to look for work in another area where health suffers less. But in reality, simply changing the employer can solve the problem. Some trucking companies take a very responsible approach to the health of their employees and offer them working conditions that do not destroy, but develop and improve their body. One of these - SVB Express.

Firstly, the work schedule there not only allows, but requires that the drivers sleep at night - a slept trucker is more careful, the risk of accidents is lower, the load and the car are safe.

Secondly, with salaries SVB Express you can afford to eat really well and properly. The company pays up to $ 1 per mile. On average, a driver drives 10 to 000 miles a month. This brings him $ 12 - $ 000 monthly. This amount is significantly higher than the national average income and certainly allows you not to save on food.

Third, SVB Express instills in its drivers a love of physical activity and sports. For example, the company now actively encourages truckers to play golf. Yes, truckers play the sport of millionaires and presidents.

В SVB Express explained why golf is considered the ideal game for truckers.

1. Playing golf is very beneficial

Playing golf is beneficial for the development of muscles throughout the body, which is useful for everyone, but especially for long-haul truckers. Doctors have long recognized that the greatest benefit comes from sports games, which do not require much physical exertion, but tire gradually. In addition, golf involves a lot of walking in the fresh air, and walking is a guarantee of health. After all, everyone remembers the mantra about 10 thousand steps a day ... Golf is a universal game that combines sports, entertainment and outdoor recreation - what is needed for a trucker tired of sedentary work.

2. All ages are submissive to golf

Among the people who play golf there are 80-year-olds and even 5-year-olds. This game has no age restrictions and does not require any special physical training. No matter what skill level you have, you can enjoy the process.

SVB Express Golf Team. Photo: SVB Express

3. It's cheaper than you think

Salary in SVB Express rather big, but still no one would advise drivers to spend a significant part of their income on sports, even if useful and interesting. Contrary to popular belief, golf does not require a fabulous financial investment. To buy golf clubs, you need to spend an average of about $ 300 for a beginner's set. And the game itself is cheaper than going to Disneyland. According to research by the National Golf Foundation, the average cost of playing golf in the United States in 2020 was $ 61.

4. Playing golf expands your social circle

In America, golf is at the top of the list of corporate sporting events. Trucks usually rarely communicate at work, because everyone drives their own car and are hundreds of kilometers apart. Playing golf together is a great way to get to know each other, get to know each other better, and build friendships. The very culture and traditions of golfing presuppose mutual assistance, honesty and fairness and instills these traits in golfers, who then and in life use them more and more often. That is, golf makes us better.

5. Equality

Experience and practice in golf play a role, but not a key one. Anyone can win, even if he entered into a fight with the champion of many games. Perhaps this is the only game that can provide such equality. Both the most experienced player and the beginner can become a partner here, and victory is never predetermined by the level of experience.

6. The whole world is at your feet

By joining one golf club, you become a member of every golf club in the world. That is, you can play in different parts of the United States, wherever you stop for a break during a trip, and there are a lot of golf courses in America, there will definitely be no problems finding them.

SVB Express Golf Team. Photo: SVB Express

7. The game that conquered the world

Over the 500 years of its existence, golf has won the hearts of more than 100 million fans around the world (especially in the USA and Europe), including many famous people. This is easy to explain: the spirit of competition, fresh air, new friends with common interests - all this makes golf a very attractive sport. In addition, it can be played all your life, because fitness is not the key point.

“We decided to stick with golf, because it can be played for the rest of our lives, which cannot be said about other sports,” actor Michael Douglas explained his love for the game.

8. Passion for life

You can talk and write a lot about golf, but it's better to just try it once. Nothing can convey the emotions that a golfer experiences when stepping on the field and hitting the ball. In order to play golf, you do not need to choose any special time, the courses are open at any time, while it is light outside. But be careful! Having once tried to play golf, you will let this game into your heart forever and you will not want to give it up. Playing golf means wonderful views, fresh air, an excellent society of worthy people and, having gained once, you do not want to lose it at all.

SVB Express is actively working to break the stereotype of the fat and sick trucker. A trucker is an active and athletic person who plays golf with colleagues. If you want to become one of these, you can join the SVB Express team by filling out the form link (click on the Drivers Wanted plate in the upper right corner).

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