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Estonia has created a spray that protects against all strains of COVID-19: it is already on sale

Estonia has created a drug that protects against infection with COVID-19, including the Delta strain. The drug is called BioBlock and has been successfully tested in laboratory. It is patented and approved for production and sale. So far, it can only be purchased in Estonia. I told you more about this Фокус.

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It was developed by Icosagen researchers under the guidance of Professor Martha Charter.

According to the director of Icosagen, Martha Ustav Jr., laboratory studies have proven the effectiveness of the drug. He claims that the spray equally protects a person from both common COVID-19 and its most dangerous variants, including the Delta strain.

This strain is now actively spreading throughout the world, including Estonia, which is of concern to the country's authorities. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised concerns about the Indian strain. The organization noted that the number of infected is growing every day, especially alarming dynamics is noticeable in poor countries.

“Together with our team, we are constantly monitoring changes in the virus and proactively testing the ability of the BioBlock nasal spray to neutralize those strains that are not yet widespread,” emphasized Mart Charter.

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Professor Mart Charter Sr. says clinical studies have shown the spray provides 4-hour protection against COVID-19.

“This is a natural product sprayed into the nasopharynx with a single dose containing 80 mg of bovine antibodies, which is 2000 times less than in one glass of milk,” explains the scientist.

Among other things, he noted that although the spray does not contain lactose, the drug is not recommended for people with allergies to milk proteins.

For the development and further sale of BioBlock, the company created a consortium - they included not only their scientists and specialists, but also invited representatives of the Chemi-Pharm pharmaceutical laboratory, OÜ Teadus ja Tegu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Tartu.

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The drug has already received a patent and is produced and sold by Chemi-Pharm only in Estonia.

“Production volumes are growing every week and in the coming months will reach hundreds of thousands. In particular, we supply nasal spray to Estonian residents at Benu pharmacies and the Chemi-Pharm e-shop. The next step is to plan for exports to neighboring countries, then even further, ”said Ruth Oltier, founder of Chemi-Pharm.

Although this spray is not legally a medicine or medicine, the information on the product and the information on the packaging have been agreed with both the Department of Medicines and the Department of Health.

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