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In Georgia, a woman cannot evict a tenant and return home for months

A homeowner from Georgia believes that her tenant is taking advantage of the situation and does not move out, does not pay for accommodation due to the moratorium on evictions during COVID-19. Writes about it 11alive.

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The system, created to help residents cope with the impact of the pandemic, leaves some homeowners homeless. This happened to a woman from Georgia who returned home from teaching abroad and learned that her tenant would not leave.

“I have no rights to my house,” Joyce Barker said.

When the pandemic forced her to return to America after teaching in the UAE, she didn't expect to have to fight to get her home in Lytonia back.

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For several months she lived on suitcases, relied on the kindness of friends, and now on her daughter, but unable to move to her home.

“I'm being pushed from pillow to pillow, from one person's house to another's house,” Barker said through tears.

Barton, a Fulton County teacher, said her tenant is refusing to leave, citing COVID-19 as the reason.

“In my opinion, this is a way for him to take advantage of the system,” says Barker.

The tenant has a fixed income, she said, but stopped paying after Barker informed him 60 days before the lease expired that she was going to return to her home.

“The tenant said that because of COVID, he is not going to move or pay rent,” she said.

In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the eviction moratorium until December 31, leaving homeowners with few legal remedies.

“The landlord has no mechanism to challenge the CDC order,” said J. Mike Williams, a landlord protection attorney. "There is nothing in the moratorium that says that if we consider it to be false, we can challenge it."

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The moratorium encourages tenants to pay what they can, but if that doesn't happen, landlords are left with nothing.

“There should be some guidelines or controls on these moratoriums that should be considered on a case-by-case basis,” says Barker.

It is known that lawyer J. Mike Williams undertook to defend Barker on a voluntary basis. The hearing of her case is scheduled for December 8th.

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