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CityKey City ID Card Appears in Chicago

Chicago city identification card will be called Citykey and will get absolutely free for the first 100 thousand applicants, then it will cost $ 10. Writes Chicago suntimesThe program is designed to help illegal migrants who live in Chicago without documents.

For people under the age of 17, a card will cost $ 5, and for people older than 65, for free. Representatives of low-income families, homeless people, veterans, victims of violence and program participants can also issue a card for free. One Summer Chicago jobs.

Card holders will also be able to provide the necessary medical information and emergency number.

The mayor of the city, Rahm Emanuel, has already allocated $ 1 million for the ID card program and plans to allocate another $ 2018 million in 1 year. The issue of cards should start on December 31, but will be mass-produced in March.

To obtain a card, applicants must provide proof of identity and place of residence.

The card will also provide bonuses and discounts for visiting the library and other events. The list will be announced early next year.

Recall a similar city card operates in New York. 1 has a million New Yorkers on the program. It gives free access to a number of cultural institutions and many other privileges.

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