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In Chicago, 1000 birds died in one night: a flock crashed into a building during migration

About 1000 birds were found dead near a building in Chicago. At night they collided with glass windows during migration, reports Cleveland.

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The incident happened last week at McCormick Place Lakeside. reports that on the morning of October 5, 964 birds, mostly warblers, were found dead. An estimated 80 songbirds were stunned but survived.

“It was like a carpet of dead birds on the windows,” said David Willard, former bird collections manager at the Chicago Museum. — Up to 15 dead birds can usually be found.

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This incident is simply shocking and very different from what we have seen before. In 40 years of watching what happens in McCormick, we have never seen anything on this scale.” said several factors combined to cause the birds' deaths, including high migratory numbers, poor weather that forced the birds to fly lower, and "disorienting, brightly lit buildings." Birds navigate by the stars, and the light from buildings can confuse them.

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In the United States, it is estimated that between 368 and 988 million birds are killed by window strikes each year. An estimated 450 more birds were killed and 300 injured in collisions with buildings across the city.

“Unfortunately, this is a really common occurrence,” said Matt Igleski, executive director of the Chicago Audubon Society. “We see this in almost every major city during the spring and fall migration.”

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