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USCIS hosts naturalization ceremonies nationwide on Independence Day

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) prioritizes naturalization ceremonies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the official website agency.

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“US Citizenship and Immigration Services celebrates the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our great nation by organizing naturalization ceremonies in the United States from July 1-7. Despite this pandemic, USCIS continues to welcome new citizens, demonstrating American resilience and the importance of our independence, ”the website says.

USCIS began conducting limited naturalization ceremonies in May and began fully resuming ceremonies in early June, after temporarily suspending the provision of personal services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremonies were shorter in order to limit the possible exposure of the virus to those present, while the rule of social distance and other security measures were applied. USCIS has naturalized about 64 new citizens in the past month and plans to complete almost all of the postponed administrative naturalization ceremonies by the end of July.

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“Taking the oath of allegiance and accepting US citizenship is a wonderful act of patriotism. Today we are a stronger nation because of those who choose to become naturalized citizens, ”said Joseph Edlow, USCIS Deputy Director for Policy. “I am proud of the USCIS staff who have worked hard to ensure that our agency can conduct safe but meaningful naturalization ceremonies during these difficult times.”

USCIS aims to promote the assimilation, awareness and understanding of citizenship by offering a variety of free naturalization preparation resources for applicants and educators in Citizens Resource Center. Organizations serving immigrants can register for a free tool Civics and citizenship toolkitto help lawful permanent residents prepare for naturalization.

USCIS continues to urge applicants to submit the N-400 Naturalization Application Online Form. To submit it online, you first need to create a USCIS account on

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“Naturalization is the most significant benefit that USCIS offers. Immigrants who legally join our country through naturalization express their commitment to our Constitution and the desire to assimilate in our society, ”the agency's website says.

New citizens, their families and friends are invited to share their experiences and photos from ceremonies on social networks using the hashtags #newUScitizen and #IndependenceDay.

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