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CDC allowed vaccinated people not to wear masks

Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Collect With Other Vaccinespeople in a room without a mask and social distancing, reports ABC.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines also state that vaccinated people can gather in the same way - in the same household - with people deemed to be at low risk of severe illness, for example, if vaccinated grandparents visit healthy grandchildren.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines on Monday, March 8.

The guide is designed to meet the growing demand as more adults receive the vaccine and wonder if this gives them more freedom to visit family members, travel, or do other “pre-pandemic” things.

“As more and more people are vaccinated every day, we are approaching a tipping point,” said CDC Director Rochelle Walenski.

During a press briefing, she called leadership a “first step” in restoring normal human interaction. She said more activities would be allowed for vaccinated people as morbidity and mortality decreased, more Americans were vaccinated, and as more scientific evidence emerged on the ability of vaccinated people to infect others and spread the virus.

The CDC continues to recommend that fully vaccinated people wear well-fitting masks, avoid large crowds, and physically distance themselves from others in public. The CDC also advised vaccinated people to get tested if they develop symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19.

CDC executives do not mention people who may have acquired some level of immunity as a result of infection and recovery from the coronavirus.

Officials say a person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the last required dose of the vaccine. About 31 million Americans - or only about 9% of the U.S. population - have been fully vaccinated with the federally approved COVID-19 vaccine, according to the CDC.

The approved doses of the vaccine first became available in December, and these were drugs that required two doses at intervals of several weeks. Since January, a small but growing number of Americans have been fully vaccinated. These people ask questions such as, “Should I still wear a mask? Can I go to the bar now? Will I finally be able to see my grandchildren? "

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The guidance was "welcome news for a country understandably tired of the pandemic and looking to safely resume normal operations," said Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former acting director of the CDC.

“I hope this new guidance will give momentum for everyone to get vaccinated when possible and give states the patience to follow the public health plan needed to safely recover economies and communities,” Besser said.

But some people think this is overly cautious guidance.

Ali Khan, dean of the University of Nebraska's College of Public Health, said the guidance is reasonable in many ways - with the exception of travel. The CDC has not changed its travel advice: do not travel of secondary importance, get tested within a few days after the trip. This can seem confusing for vaccinated people hoping to visit family across the country or abroad.

“They need to make travel easier for vaccinated people and immediately publish electronic standards for documents that show whether a person is fully vaccinated,” said Khan, who was previously a senior CDC employee.

The new guidance also says nothing about going to restaurants or other places, although governors are lifting restrictions on doing business, said Leana Ven, an emergency doctor and professor of public health at George Washington University, who was previously Baltimore's health commissioner.

But some people who were fully vaccinated were happy with the news.

Ruth Michenzi was among those who received the second and final dose of the vaccine at a pharmacy at Stop and Shop in Woburn, Massachusetts on the morning of March 8. A 91-year-old resident of neighboring Burlington said she doesn't care that she still has to wear a mask in public and follow other safety rules even after being fully vaccinated, but she would be happy to finally take off her mask in front of her three great-grandchildren. She has seen them in person since the first injection about a month ago, but did not remove the mask.

“I hope they remember me,” she said.

“I've done all of this for a year, and I don't want this year to be wasted,” Micenzi said of the safety rules. "I think it would be wise to wait."

However, a couple of people who did not queue up for vaccinations grumbled openly about the continued restrictions and raised concerns that stricter travel and social requirements would follow, even if more people were vaccinated.

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Grace McShane, 61, of Melrose, also received a second dose on March 8 at the same supermarket. She says she was vaccinated because she has a high risk of getting sick. The caregiver said she too was satisfied with the continued restrictions even after vaccinations.

“Even if you got vaccinated, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. This is the new norm. It's part of life and you just have to adapt to it, ”McShane said.

She says she is looking forward to hugging her three grandchildren without a mask. Her adult children were also vaccinated as key workers.

“Just hug them,” McShane says. "That's all I want to do."

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