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In the future, you can forget about the professions

When career coach Jean-Philippe Michel talks to high school students, he doesn't use the word “career.” He doesn't even focus on helping his young clients figure out what they want to be when they grow up, at least not directly, he writes. with the BBC.

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For him, there really is no such thing as deciding "who I will be when I grow up."

Instead of pushing people to choose a future profession, he works in the opposite direction, based on the skills that each student wants to acquire. Thus, instead of saying, “I want to be a doctor,” he will seek to get students to talk about a goal, in this case “help and empathy in health care settings.”

This may seem a bit esoteric, but talking helps you achieve real goals.

“They have to move from thinking about work and career to thinking about problems and challenges,” says Michelle.

Working on specific goals helps your teen to plan what many call a “career portfolio”. This type of career consists of multiple projects or roles and will become more prevalent in the next decade, Michelle says.

Disintegration of traditional values

Futurists and human resource managers say that our work will consist of carrying out several long-term projects or tasks at the same time.

“Instead of identifying your role as a job, you will continually add skills based on what makes you more employable,” says Joanne Meister of New York, co-author of The Future Workplace Experience.

If you are younger, it probably means flexibility in a more traditional role, say in accounting, marketing, or finance.

Increasingly, people are taking on different roles, even within the same company, says Esther Rogers, who helps publish a quarterly magazine about insight and foresight in the workplace, in addition to working with clients, as part of her role in Idea couture.

There is “real mixing of tasks within the role. It's hard to find a title for this work, ”says Rogers.

Internal freelancer?

The idea of ​​creating a “career portfolio” has been around since the late 1980s. But until recently, it was only a theory, since the lack of technology would take a long time to explore new possibilities, Meister says.

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Now, thanks to technological progress, micro-work is becoming more real.

More traditional companies offer freelance-like project opportunities for their employees, Meister says. For example, the IT giant Cisco and MasterCard testing so-called “internal mobility platforms” that allow employees to select projects to fill specific gaps for the company rather than remain in a more structured role, Meister says. Rather than continuing to work in one department under one manager, employees can choose their next projects based on the skills they want or the skills they want to develop.

Michael Stall, Senior Vice President Manpower Group, a global consulting firm in the US state of Wisconsin, says that more and more firms require similar facilities.

Companies win when employees are less likely to move from one company to another, says futurologist Jacob Morgan, author The Employee Experience Advantage from the state of California. Micro work can inspire a sense of entrepreneurial spirit and autonomy within a company.

Choosing where and how you work sounds fun, doesn't it? But when it comes to long-term careers, the shortcomings of a “job portfolio” are visible, experts say.

If you constantly jump from one project to another, drastic changes can affect your awareness of a clear path to success.

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