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Canyon flooding in Arizona: two hikers killed

Two men were found dead after flood waters rushed into a canyon near the Utah-Arizona border. This endangered three groups of tourists who had to be rescued by helicopter. The edition told in more detail WFLA.

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Kane County Sheriff's Office officer Allen Aldridge said the first man found dead was in a group of three who traveled south to Lees Ferry across the Utah-Arizona border. Another man from the group was rescued. He was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia and injuries.

The second body, according to the authorities, was found on March 15 on the border with Arizona. Rescuers could not immediately confirm that it was a person previously identified as missing. But, as Aldridge said, they "were very sure it was him" and canceled additional searches.

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According to Aldridge, on March 13, the wife of a hiker who had gone on a hike on March 10, who had not returned home, called authorities. Travelers proceeded from Wire Pass to Lees Ferry through the sandstone gorge Buckskin Gulch, which includes several narrow canyons.

Authorities did not name any of the tourists. Aldridge only said that the first man found dead was from Tampa, Florida.

Storms of "atmospheric rivers" (those are narrow areas of moisture concentrated in the atmosphere that cause heavy rain and snow) that swept the western United States over the weekend raised water levels in canyons, and earlier this week, river valleys filled with flood water.

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Two helicopters from the Utah Department of Public Safety and a tourist group helped locate the second body. When rescuers rescued the first group of three, he helped evacuate 11 more people who were stuck in the cold flood waters and called for help.

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