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Part of a residential building collapsed in Iowa: rescuers are clearing the rubble and looking for victims

On May 28, a partial collapse of a six-story apartment building in Davenport, Iowa, occurred in the evening. CNN.

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Rescuers are scrambling to find anyone who may have been trapped after the partial collapse.

Crews found signs of gas and water leaks among the rubble of the building, known as The Davenport, officials said. It is not clear how many people are still missing or how many residents have been displaced.

"We will continue to work with the sole purpose of trying to find people and save them," Davenport Mayor Mike Matson said at a May 28 evening press conference.

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According to Richard Oswald, director of the city's district service, the building's owners had current permits for renovation work on the outer wall. According to Matson and Davenport Fire Chief Mike Karlsten, the integrity of the building is a concern. The cause of the collapse has not yet been announced.

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“I live in a building next to The Davenport and we heard a lot of collapse,” said Andrew Sommer, a former tenant of The Davenport. “Shortly after that, we went outside and saw that the whole part of the building was gone.”

Emergency crews found a major natural gas leak and water leaking from every floor of the building, officials said.

Carlsten said seven people were rescued from the building and more than a dozen were evacuated. The area will remain closed as searches and investigations continue.

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