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A record number of weapons seized at U.S. airports in 2019

In the United States, passengers are prohibited from transporting firearms (whether loaded or not) through security checkpoints at airports. But in 2019, the Transportation Security Administration found a record 4 firearms at checkpoints at US airports. According to the TSA report, on average, this is about a dozen pieces of firearms per day, which is 432% more than in 5, reports USA Today.

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According to TSA, over the past 10 years, the number of weapons found has been steadily increasing.

About 87% of firearms (3) were loaded, and 863% (34) were found separately from ammunition.

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Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta again topped the list of airports with the most detected firearms with 323, up 25 from the previous year.

Top 10 airports in which the most weapons were discovered in 2019:

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): 323
  2. Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW): 217
  3. Denver International Airport (DEN): 140
  4. George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH): 138
  5. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX): 132
  6. Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL): 103
  7. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL): 100
  8. Nashville International Airport (BNA): 97
  9. Orlando International Airport (MCO): 96
  10. Tampa International Airport (TPA): 87

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TSA's blog post reminds passengers not to put firearms in carry-on baggage:

“Please do not put your firearms in your hand bag and please check your suitcases before sending them to the airport. Otherwise, it can be an expensive lesson with a fine of up to $ 13 or, even worse, they may arrest you. ”

Discharged firearms in a closed rigid container can be transported in checked bags, although passengers should be familiar with the rules of flight with firearms.

This summer, two military personnel traveling through the Turgud Marshall International Airport in Baltimore and Washington carried grenade tubes with them as souvenirs.

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On July 29, a man from Texas returning from military service in Kuwait drove a rocket launcher home in his checked baggage. It was found that the weapon was not military, after which the TSA handed it over to firefighters for disposal, reminding the public that it was not allowed to carry weapons in checked or hand luggage.

A few days later, an Air Force sergeant was transporting a missile launcher. Although it did not contain explosives, the Maryland Fire Department Marshal said it could contain compressed gas and therefore could not be transported on a commercial flight.

TSA also notes that December 1 was the busiest day of the agency, 2 passengers and crew were checked.

The agency recalls that from October 1, 2020, passengers who do not have a valid identity card or an acceptable alternative form of identification will not be able to pass a single checkpoint at the airport.

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