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In 2018, a Ukrainian policeman was killed in California: why the culprit has not yet been punished

In 2018, a Ukrainian-born policeman was killed in Sacramento County, California. Several years later, the murderer is still not punished. What happened on that fateful day, and why the guilty person has not yet been sentenced? This information originally appeared on the site Vinograd.

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At a press conference after the incident, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones detailed how a deadly shootout unfolded between the two officers and the suspect. KCRA.

What happened

Officers Mark Stasyuk and Julie Robertson were summoned to the Pep Boys car store near Folsom Boulevard and McGregor Street at 13:44 pm on September 17, 2018. Shortly after the officers arrived, 38-year-old Anton Lemon Paris opened fire in the store. Jones said that Paris first shot in the back of the store employee, and then aimed at Stasyuk.

“He pointed the pistol directly at the employee - he shot him in the back. He fell, "Jones said and added that the gunman noticed Stasyuk, who appeared at the door of the store, and aimed his weapon at him.

Stasyuk, seeing what had happened, realized that he needed to hide immediately, so he left the building. At that moment, he was shot in the back. The officer continued towards the parking lot to try to find cover from where he could return fire. When the suspect left the building, he did not take the opportunity to escape, but followed Stasyuk to the parking lot, continuing to shoot him in the back. In the end, he killed him with a shot in the back of the head, ”the sheriff outlined what had happened.

The suspect then tried to escape through the store building, engaging in a shootout with Robertson. She managed to call for help over the radio.

Robertson managed to injure Paris, and he escaped from the store. The police detained the suspect at a nearby parking lot.

What is known about Stasyuk

Stasyuk worked in the sheriff's service for four and a half years. The officer married in March 2018 - shortly before the murder. In 2016, he starred in a video about the success of students at Sacramento State University, writes WUSA9.

Family support

They were newlyweds who were just starting to build a life and a home together when their dreams collapsed. CBS Local about Stasyuk and his wife.

“Anxiety, resentment, pain and anger grew and accumulated, and today it is still unbearable,” the wife of the murdered Amy Stasyuk laments.

She expressed her gratitude to the law enforcement community and complete strangers who supported her during this difficult period.

“I'm just trying to survive, day after day, hour after hour, moment by moment, waking up every morning and getting out of bed,” the wife of the killed police officer shared.

“I would like to feel it, to touch it. I would give anything to do it again, ”said Amy.

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At the time of the murder, Mark and Amy were newlyweds who had been married for only six months. They have moved into their new home with big plans for a makeover. But as soon as Mark tidied up the backyard and was ready to create for his wife a garden and greenhouse of her dreams, he was killed. Mark's project remained unfinished until help came from his colleagues.

“We removed all the old concrete around the house, as well as the fence and trees,” explained Kevin Mickelson, President Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs Association.

The association made an effort and, with the help of nine contractors, continued to work from where their colleague was staying.

“Mark wasn't here to do it and Amy couldn't handle it. So I made a couple of phone calls and after a few weeks a lot of people came to help, ”Mickelson explained.

In two months, teams of volunteers turned the trash, concrete and mud in the yard into what is now Amy's place of healing and therapy.

She says that she would like to share the care of the garden with Mark, but is grateful for the love and support of his colleagues. Amy believes the garden will remain a reminder of her husband.

“From there he will be proud of his brothers for completing his project, for helping me to complete it for him,” she said.

The killer still hasn't been punished

38-year-old Anton Lemon Paris was charged with four charges of a serious crime, attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms, and murder, writes Fox News.

California prosecutors are demanding the death penalty for the accused, but State Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a moratorium on the death penalty. This, as well as the quarantine due to the coronavirus, greatly inhibits the consideration of the case.

When Newsom signed the moratorium in March, he referred to "inequality" in the way punishment was applied and said that "a more informed choice" would be better for the state's criminal justice system.

“If someone kills, we don't kill,” Newsom said. "We're above that."

However, some relatives of the victims of the murders and several district attorneys condemned the governor's position.

“Governor Newsom took the knife and stabbed all the victims and all their families in the heart,” concluded Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.

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