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Unexpected things to invest in the USA

Financial gurus never tire of reminding them to invest in the future. This is one of the few ways that you can ensure a comfortable retirement.

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Edition Go Banking Rates collected a lot of really interesting ideas for investments, which you most likely did not pay attention to.

Social Networks

An ETF is a fund that accurately selects the right balance of stocks or other assets according to the profitability of a particular index or other economic markers.

One striking example is the Global X Social Media ETF (SOCL). It tracks the Solactive Social Media Index, which is made up of the largest social networks available on the market.


One very easy way to enter an ad game in a very scalable and manageable way is to buy billboards. And before you make fun of the idea that such an old form of communication deserves investment in the digital age, think again: last year alone, outdoor advertising earned nearly $ 40 billion. A typical billboard can be rented from 250 to 15 dollars per month. Just be very careful and research the local market before investing in anything, as a billboard can just as easily turn out to be a money hole if you make the wrong choice.

Crypto-mining installations

Ready-made crypto-mining installations are very expensive, so it’s much easier to make a profit by creating your own system. However, as soon as you configure it, your computer will work continuously, gradually collecting more and more tiny fractions of cryptocurrency, which you can ultimately exchange for money.

Just be very careful. You have to make sure that your cryptocurrency will still be worth enough to at least cover the increase in your electricity bill.

Domain Names

Of course, the process of capturing domain names, and then selling them to companies or people who really need them, is far from being as profitable as it was in the early days of the Internet. You can no longer just take a domain host and wait for someone to use it. Most domains probably already belong, and corporations and celebrities from whom you could get a decent salary can now buy them.

However, you may be lucky if you own a domain name that matches the name chosen to launch a large new project by a large company. Thus, there is still the potential for making money speculating with domain names.

Other failures

You can make investments that work better when other people's investments fail.

For an ETF investor, there are a number of “reverse” ETFs that create a mirror opposite to index performance. Thus, if you think that a recession is inevitable, you can buy stocks of reverse ETF S & P 500, which will rise in price against the backdrop of the fall of the rest of the market.

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Anyone who has lived in a big city knows how valuable parking is. For some people, the right space can cost thousands of dollars a year, and this makes investing in parking spaces a real option.


Buying a salon may seem like a strange choice for those who have no experience cutting hair, but this is not the case if you understand how freelance stylists work. Maintaining their own customer list, many people working in the salon are simply looking for a workplace that can be rented.

Local sports team

Anyone who watches hockey or baseball knows that the NHL and MLB are just the tip of the iceberg. These professional teams have several minor league teams scattered throughout the country that are developing their stars of the future. If you have money, buying a minor league team can be very lucrative.


The right photo can be very valuable. In the end, someone gets paid for the rights to photographs. And if you have rights to an image that is often used, you can get great profits.

Taxi "Medallions"

This is clearly not the market it used to be, but still profitable. You can buy and sell them, try to earn on rising prices or rent them out.

Used golf balls

If your yard is located next to a golf club, you can be an intermediary by buying used balls at a low price and then selling them to training fields or extra charge golf courses. Given the cost of new golf balls, there should always be many businesses and golfers interested in finding a source of cheap golf balls.

Own fund

If you are a really good investor, then you might consider creating your own fund.

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Investments in other countries

America is not the only country with a stock market. You can try investing in stocks of other countries. Moreover, since developing countries often grow more than twice as fast as developed ones, their stocks can bring more profit than American ones.

The fight against obesity

You may have noticed a trend: there seems to be an ETF for anything. And that is pretty much true. Whatever economic trend you see, there are probably ETFs. For example, ETF (SLIM), which tracks the Solactive obesity index. The stocks in the index are made up of medical companies developing obesity treatments worldwide, which means the financial benefits of investing in companies that help people lose weight.


Few things can turn out to be as lucrative in the modern economy as they can predict that millennials will like it in the future. In the end, Facebook 20 years ago came out of the niche of closeness and became a company on the open market worth more than 550 billion dollars. But if you try to find specific stocks to take advantage of the taste of this generation, you will get very stressed.

Fortunately, you can simply rely on the Global X Millennial ETF (MILN), which tracks the Indxx Millennials thematic index. The index is focused on stocks designed for marketing and sales of products to millennials.


It's no secret that many people are starting to invest in artificial intelligence. Robot advisers who use algorithms to manage money can make transactions instantly and for a small fraction of the costs associated with funds managed by people. And if you buy ETF AI Powered (AIEQ), you get an IBM Watson artificial intelligence consultant robot.

NOT Japan

IShares MSCI Kokusai ETF (TOK) is one of the strangest investments you can make. The ETF was created in order to provide investors with a wide range of large and medium-sized companies from developed countries of the world - with the exception of Japan.

Better future

You can change your investment in fundamental ways. Sometimes investing in the same stocks and bonds from a different perspective can make a big difference. And in this case, there are many funds that invest in companies. They are called "impact on investment", "sustainable investment", "investing in ESG", but the principle is usually the same.

You can even find remedies that focus on a specific issue that is important to you. And a fund focused on the most environmentally friendly companies or good corporate governance. In any case, you can use investments for your future - as a great way to invest in the future of everyone.

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