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See 10 states in 23 days: an interesting river cruise will be launched in the USA

American Queen Voyages is launching its longest route next year, which will last nearly three weeks from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh aboard the 245-passenger American Countess. Travel Leisure.

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The company will begin the 23-day journey on July 24, 2023 on the American Countess cruise line. The ship will sail more than 2735 kilometers from Minnesota along the Ohio and Upper Mississippi rivers, visiting more ports and offering more excursions than ever before.

The ship will then turn around and head back north from Pittsburgh on August 14, 2023.

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Travelers who take the cruise will travel through 10 different states and explore cities such as La Crosse, Wisconsin, Saint Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati.

Travelers can visit the Field of Dreams baseball field in Dubuque, Iowa, learn all about the art of quilting at the National Quilting Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, visit the Anheuser family's 1867 home in Kimmswick, Missouri, and even board an approved waterfront security jet boat in Madison, Indiana to explore the river.

American Countess is the newest riverboat of American Queen Voyages and can carry 245 passengers. The hotel has a large lobby bar, gym, theater and more.

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Cruise that can be booked online, includes one night's hotel stay before the cruise, unlimited group tours, unlimited drinks and unlimited Wi-Fi. American Queen Voyages offers river cruises, lake and ocean cruises, and Alaska expeditions. To sail with the company right now, all guests and crew must be fully vaccinated, according to the cruise line, although testing for COVID-19 before boarding is no longer required.

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