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'Increases protection tenfold': Johnson & Johnson urges Americans to re-inject their vaccine

Johnson & Johnson said that if you get an extra dose of its COVID-19 vaccine, it will significantly increase protection against coronavirus. NPR.

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According to recent research from a pharmaceutical company, people who receive a booster shot with Johnson & Johnson vaccine are better protected against coronavirus for a longer period of time.

It was found that one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine protects 66% against the development of severe COVID-19 in the whole world and 72% protects against such cases in the United States. But when a person receives a booster shot two months after the first, protection rises to 94%. And booster vaccinations six months later will result in a 12-fold increase in antibody levels.

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Experts have long stated that people will need additional COVID-19 shots in the future because the effectiveness of vaccines currently available, including the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, has waned over time. Johnson & Johnson research data confirms that the COVID-19 booster can go a long way in providing ongoing protection against the virus.

“Our one-time vaccine generates a strong immune response and long-term immune memory. And when the Johnson & Johnson booster vaccine is introduced, the power of protection against COVID-19 increases even more, ”the company said.

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Pfizer data shows that booster shots can increase vaccine efficacy by up to 95%. The third dose of Moderna vaccine, given six months after the first two doses, also significantly boosts immunity, according to the company.

Health officials have already recommended a third shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for high-risk Americans - immunocompromised and elderly people.

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