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Treasure hunt begins in Utah: winner will receive $25

The treasure hunt offers a $25 prize to lucky seekers. However, Utah Treasure Hunt organizers warn that venomous snakes may be encountered in the search area. They published a poem full of clues to help seekers find the $000 prize. The chest is hidden somewhere in the state, writes CBS News.

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Event organizers said the location of the treasure was chosen with safety in mind. Hunters won't have to brave difficult terrain, but they should bring water and sunscreen, according to a list of tips on the event's website.

However, in previous years, seekers have encountered venomous rattlesnakes while searching for the prize. Potential treasure hunters should be careful and respectful of wildlife.

“We love you and want you all to be safe and have fun,” event organizers said.

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On Saturday, June 15, treasure hunt organizers David Kline and John Maxim posted the first clue on the site - a poem in Spanish. The literal translation is:

If pain is healed with gold -

Look for a shortcut where the choir is singing.

Find the place it is named after.

Turn around and follow the shadow.

Where did you learn to feel frozen?

Or have we eaten lobster in the past?

When you look at the dawn again -

Go straight, you can do it.

Look at the numbers like a crow.

The age when he came, I observe.

Now you're close, one last hint:

Move to a place with a better view.

Additional tips will be posted on social media and sent out via email. They will help narrow the search area and point to a more specific location of the prize.

The first treasure hunt in Utah took place in 2020, and the prize was only $5000. Since then, several hunts have been held each year, with cash prizes of up to $30 awarded. Last year, a 000-year-old Iowa woman found the treasure and became the first out-of-state participant to win the prize.

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“The greatest treasure is not the gold, but the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, the friends you make along the way,” event organizers said. - So go ahead! The world is waiting!

If you want to take part in the treasure hunt, sign up for the clues newsletter here.

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