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USCIS has changed the rules for family reunification: the application now needs to provide more information

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) updated from May 22, 2024 guide for family member immigrant visa petitions (including Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative).

Immigrants in United States with Residence Permit, Employment Authorization Card, Permanent Resident Status need following documents order to live comfortable life


The applicant who submits the form I-130 Petition for a relative of an alien, must tell USCIS the current address of the beneficiary and whether the beneficiary wishes to undergo consular processing at the Department of State National Visa Center (NVC) or adjust status in the United States.

Providing this information allows the service to retain the approved adjustment of status petition or forward it to NVC for consular processing (as appropriate). Failure of the applicant to provide accurate information on the petition will delay the receipt of immigration a visa or status adjustment process.

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For example, if USCIS retained your petition because you provided inaccurate information, you should file Form I-824. It is used to request documents that have already been approved by USCIS, or if they are misplaced, stolen, damaged or lost, to obtain a duplicate. The petitioner must pay the appropriate fee to transmit the petition to the NVC.

What has changed

Prior to this update, USCIS generally maintained approved petitions, which did not clearly indicate whether the beneficiary wanted adjustment of status or consular processing.

This updated guidance provides that unless an applicant clearly indicates whether the beneficiary wishes to undergo consular processing or adjustment of status, USCIS will have its discretion to determine whether to forward the approved petition to NVC for consular processing or to maintain the adjustment of status petition.

This updated guidance explains how an applicant can contact the service to correct an error or update a pending or approved Form I-130.

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This updated guidance provides general information about how USCIS decides whether to approve or deny a family member immigrant visa petition, including appropriate notifications.

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