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USCIS Tightens US Asylum Seeker Rules

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a regulatory change aimed at deterring foreigners from illegally entering the United States and submitting unreasonable, fraudulent, or other legally invalid asylum claims in order to obtain a work permit document. This was reported on the official website. USCIS.

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This rule in no way changes the eligibility criteria for asylum seekers and will enter into force on 25 August.

The rule follows from the presidential Memorandum of April 29, 2019 additional measures to strengthen border security and restore the integrity of the US immigration system. The memorandum emphasizes that the policy of the United States is to manage humanitarian immigration programs in a safe and orderly manner, and to deny benefits on time to those who do not meet the requirements.

“Protecting the integrity of our country's legal immigration system from those who attempt to use or abuse it is key to USCIS's mission,” said Joseph Adlow, USCIS deputy director of policy. - Under this rule, the reforms are intended to restore the integrity of the asylum system and reduce any incentives to apply for asylum with the primary purpose of obtaining a work permit. It also discourages unfounded claims by revoking a work permit for aliens who fail to apply for asylum within one year of their last entry until USCIS or an immigration judge determines the alien's eligibility for asylum. "

The rule does not allow foreigners who have entered the United States illegally without good reason to obtain a work permit based on a pending asylum application.

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In addition, the rule defines new prohibitions and refusals to issue a work permit, for example, in relation to certain criminal behavior; extends the waiting time before the asylum seeker can apply for a work permit from 150 to 365 calendar days; limits the validity of a work permit to a maximum of two years; and automatically revokes the work permit when the denial of asylum is administratively final.

For more information read final rule, which is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on June 26.

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