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USCIS allowed applicants for working green cards to change category: this will speed up the process of obtaining a visa

US Citizenship and Immigration Services recommends that applicants for working green cards change category to expedite the process. You must send a letter to the immigration service with such a request.

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USCIS encourages eligible worker green card applicants who are eligible to consider moving the primary basis of their status adjustment application to the first (priority workers) or second (non-citizens in occupations with advanced degrees or exceptional ability) preference categories based on employment, as this fiscal year (October 2021 to September 2022) an exceptionally large number of work immigrant visas are available in these categories.

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The total annual cap for work visas for fiscal year 2022 is about twice as high as usual because fewer visas for family immigration were issued from fiscal year 2021.

The number of visas to be issued is approximately 140.

In addition, according to the relevant law, any visas not required for the fifth employment-based exemption category are granted in the first employment-based exemption category, and any visas not required in the first employment-based exemption category are granted in the second category. employment-based preferences.

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But these visas cannot be granted to applicants in the third preferred category because, given the significant number of non-citizens awaiting employment-based second preferred category visas, the law requires these visas to be used for the second category.

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