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How to find out how long the Immigration Service will process your application

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has launched pilot version of the web page and a data processing system that displays information about applications in a more readable format, as well as for some forms, and shows the time required to process the application.

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The pilot version of the page will test four forms using the new automated methodology for calculating the processing time:

  • Form N-400, application for naturalization;
  • Form I-90, application for replacement of a permanent resident card;
  • I-485 form, application for registration of a permanent residence or status adjustment; Form I-751, application for removal of the convention from the green card.

The new data processing methodology is automated and allows USCIS to publish data on the processing time of the application within two weeks compared to the six weeks that the previous version of the methodology provided.

The new site displays the time to consider a petition in the range for each form, depending on when the USCIS received the form. The lower interval of the range indicates the time needed to complete the 50% of cases, and the upper interval of the range indicates the 93% of cases.

Applicants can register online account on USCIS and track application review status. If the application is considered longer than the specified time for the upper range of the range, then the applicant may contact the USCIS contact center with the corresponding complaint.

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