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Refugees will receive permission to work in the US in 30 days

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began implementing a simplified process for issuing work permits (EAD) to refugees. Now they can obtain a work permit in 30 days instead of several months, as before.

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The simplified procedure applies to individuals who entered the United States as a refugee after December 10, 2023.

According to the law, a refugee has the right to work immediately after arriving in the States. However, in reality, obtaining a work permit can take months.

Therefore, the Immigration Service has simplified and speeded up the process. Now it is fully automated and does not require any action from the refugee.

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The immigration officer will fill out Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) for arriving refugees electronically as soon as they are admitted into the United States. This form will be immediately submitted for review and approval.

Once Form I-765 is approved, refugees will typically be authorized to work in the United States within one to two weeks.

USCIS will also electronically provide the US Social Security Administration with the information necessary to assign a Social Security number to the refugee. The SSN card will be mailed to him.

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Refugees wishing to replace or extend their EAD will still need to complete and file Form I-765.

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