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Hurricane can prevent the spread of Zika virus in Florida

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While Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in Florida and South Carolina, he actually prevented the spread of Zika virus in Florida.

At the moment, the state has registered a case of infection with the Zika virus 141. But there are chances that this number will cease to increase, said the head of the department of viral diseases from the Center for Disease Control.

The fact is that hurricanes destroy mosquitoes and carriers of the disease. There is a high probability that heavy rain washed mosquito carrier larvae. Thus, the yellow-fevering mosquito will not be able to spread. Changing the season also plays into the hands of people. The number of mosquitoes, as a rule, begins to decline in September.

Hurricane does not guarantee the destruction of Zika virus

However, Professor Don Wesson of Tulane University disagrees. Because of the storm, people were forced to leave their homes, which creates an even greater threat to their health. They have become more susceptible to mosquito bites.

Benjamin Haes, a spokesman for the Center for Disease Control, said some storms can cause the virus to spread.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has already called on residents to get rid of standing water, thereby preventing the spread of viruses and diseases.


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In the U.S. Florida storm The virus Zika Мэтью
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