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Hurricane Matthew is intensifying. The latest data.


Because of Hurricane Matthew in Florida, one and a half million people were evacuated. Photo: Twitter / Nik Valencia

According to the latest data, about one and a half million people from the southeastern coast of the United States were evacuated due to the approaching hurricane Matthew. Reports about it NBC.

That night the force of the hurricane weakened to 3 points. But by morning the optimistic forecasts of the meteorologists did not come true. The wind has intensified again - according to the latest data, gusts reach a speed of 140 miles per hour. Matthew was rated Category 4 by the National Hurricane Center.

At the same time, the authorities believe that there is a small probability that the hurricane will intensify to the 5th category when it comes to the shores of the United States. The authorities are preparing for the worst, and Florida Governor Rick Scott has already said that the consequences of Matthew's arrival are expected to be catastrophic. In a briefing to reporters, Scott once again called for the evacuation of all coastal residents, writes USA Today

According to the latest data, the Florida governor has requested assistance from 2500 National Guard personnel in order to assist in the evacuation and then - to eliminate the aftermath of the hurricane. The authorities are already prepared for the fact that some areas of the state may be left without electricity.

“Now the main task is evacuation. I want to make sure everyone is ready for the hurricane. Coastal residents have no reason to stay home and not evacuate, ”the Florida governor warned. Also, experts fear that Matthew can go deep into the coastal territory of the United States.

According to the latest reports of meteorologists, the hurricane is moving west of the Bahamas towards Florida and will reach the coast that night. On Friday, according to the calculations of weather forecasters, the hurricane will turn to the north-west, will pass along the east coast of Florida and will reach Georgia and South Corolina by Saturday.

Evacuation has already begun in these states. According to NBC, Charleston (South Corolina) left 250 thousands of people. They all rushed to the west, into the continental part. This caused huge traffic jams and a shortage at gas stations and shops. Eyewitnesses also report overcrowded hotels.

Meteoroogi also note that usually such hurricanes are strong on water, but they are significantly weaker when passing land. But Matthew is an exception. He went through Haiti and the Bahamas and his strength did not weaken.

According to the latest data, up to 25 people have become victims of a hurricane in Haiti and the Bahamas.

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