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University mistakenly sent thousands of university admissions



The University of New York at Buffalo mistakenly sent five thousand confirmations of admission to university by email. By mistake invitations received 20% 2020 entrants of the year that will not be accepted.

After three to four hours, the university sent a second letter of apology. This was told by a spokesman for the University of John Della Contrada.

University at its Online posted a statement saying that "a misunderstanding occurred when the wrong list of email addresses was generated from the database."

In fact, this newsletter should have received a letter stating that potential students should fill out federal forms for financial assistance. The final application review status will be announced by 22 on April.

Williams Diamond High School student was delighted when she received her first erroneous letter of enrollment.

“I was delighted. I told my mom. I told my mentor. I told my sister, ”she shared. - Later I received a second letter about the error. I felt like I won the lottery, and then they sent me a message that it was the wrong ticket. ”

Meanwhile, a university spokeswoman, John Della Contrada, said urgent measures were taken at the university to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Currently, the University of Buffalo has about 30 thousands of students.

This is not the first case when an American university accidentally sends a letter of enrollment before considering an application. So, in 2009, the University of California at San Diego accidentally sent thousands of letters to 28 for study.

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