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Universal will open a new amusement park in Texas: what is known about it

Universal Parks & Resorts has announced the opening of a new theme park in Frisco, Texas. Travel Leisure.

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The "one-of-a-kind theme park" promises to be "unlike any other in the world" and will cater to families with young children, the company announced Jan. 11. In the released concept art, the park is "set in a lush green landscape" and will include "immersive themed spaces."

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Universal says it will "breathe life into your favorite characters and stories in a way that will wow even the youngest theme park goers."

Information about the timing of the opening is not disclosed.

The 40 hectares of land recently purchased by the company will be located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and are designed for a regional audience. Factors such as population growth contributed to the choice of the area.

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“We believe North Texas is the perfect location to launch this unique family park given the rate of population growth in this part of the country,” Paige Thompson, president of New Ventures, Universal Parks & Resorts, said in a press release.

“It will be full of family attractions, interactive shows, character encounters, unique merchandise and fun food and drink establishments,” says Universal. Universal guarantees that the park "will continue to be of the same quality as other major Universal resorts" despite its small size.

Future plans include expansion and construction of a themed hotel nearby.

This is part of a growing trend in the theme park industry known as "microparks". These parks, much smaller than larger parks, are designed for a shorter period of time and are often more affordable.

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Examples include the recently opened Peppa Pig theme park in Florida and the upcoming Crystal Lagoons Island Resort in Arizona.

Universal Parks & Resorts currently operates five theme park resorts around the world, including Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Japan, but this will be its first venture with this new park concept.

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