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Died Eldar Ryazanov. The great Russian director was 88 years


The great Soviet and Russian director Eldar Ryazanov died in a hospital in Moscow at the age of 88.

All last week, Eldar Ryazanov was in the hospital. When the director's condition deteriorated, the doctors connected him to the ventilator.

The condition of the cinematographer was assessed as extremely serious. He was diagnosed with pulmonary and heart failure. Doctors conducted a course of intensive care, but could not save the director.

In 2014, Eldar Ryazanov was diagnosed with an acute cerebrovascular accident.

18 this November, the famous film director, playwright, screenwriter and poet Eldar Ryazanov turned 88 years.

Eldar Ryazanov was born in 1927 year in the Samara region. In his youth, Ryazanov dreamed of becoming a sailor, and later - a writer. However, by fate, Eldar Alexandrovich entered VGIK, which he graduated from in 1950 year. It was from this moment that the career of the director of “popular” comedies, well known in the future, began to take off.

But Ryazanov managed not only comedies. Such films as “Cruel Romance”, “Forgotten Melody for Flute”, “Dear Elena Sergeevna” received recognition.

Song to Poems by E. Ryazanov

In 1990, Ryazanov continued to shoot. Among his films of this period are “Promised Heaven”, “Old Rags”, “Hello, Fools”.

Since 2002, the film director has been the president of the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts "Nika". In addition, he taught at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors.

Eldar Ryazanov - film director, screenwriter, People's Artist of the USSR. He became widely known as the author of the films Carnival Night, Beware of the Car, Twist of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!, The Office Romance, The Garage, and the Station for Two.



The team of the Forum sincerely condoles with the families and friends of Eldar Ryazanov and grieves with all those who grew up on the films of the great director and playwright.



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