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Died Arnis Litsitis - the star of the 'Prisoner of the Castle of If' and 'Turkish March'

The famous Soviet and Latvian theater and film actor Arnis Litsitis died on January 21 at the age of 76. Writes about it Columnist.

Screenshot: YouTube/LTV

The actor is known for his roles in the films Long Road in the Dunes, Mirage, Turkish March and others.

The sad news was announced on his personal Facebook page by his close friend, well-known sports photographer Zigismunds Zalmanis. So far, the cause of death has not been reported.

“Great actor, nice and sweet person and my friend Arnis Licitis is gone. It's hard for me to talk about it. He is now on another stage, will meet with other movie actors. Arnis, everything is better in heaven than it was here. All the best,” wrote Zigismunds Zalmanis.

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Arnis Litsitis was born in 1946 in Riga. He entered the theater department of the Latvian State Conservatory. J. Vitola, and at the same time worked in theaters.

The film debut took place in 1965, when Arnis played in the film Twenty Years Later. In total, Litsitis's filmography includes about 120 projects. Among the most famous are Musketeers 20 Years Later, Primary Russia, Mirage, Prisoner of If Castle, Lost in Siberia, Turkish March, Ranetki, Saboteur and others.

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In addition, the actor is known for his roles in such series as "Saboteur-2: The End of the War", "Red Chapel", "Forgotten", "Inquisitor", the films "Plead Guilty", "Favorite", "For You Really" and other films. .

He was the only one of the Latvian actors who was fluent in Russian. Arnis Litsitis often starred in films, played on the stages of theaters in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine.

Arnis Licitis was married to actress and public relations specialist Inge Aizbaltu. The couple had no children.

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