Ukrainian paramedic spoke to the Helsinki Commission in the United States: she spoke about the horrors of being in Russian captivity

Ukrainian paramedic Yulia Paevskaya, known as Tayra, who was in Russian captivity, testified before the Helsinki Commission in the United States. The edition told in more detail Ukrainian Truth.

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“Today our legendary Yulia Paevskaya (Taira) testified before the Helsinki Commission,” Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova wrote on her Facebook page. “It was a very powerful speech with the truth about the horrors of the Russian blockade of Mariupol, about the three-month stay in inhuman conditions in captivity and the boundless cruelty of the Russian military.” 

She called for more assistance to Ukraine, to increase pressure on Russia, to help protect not only Ukraine, but the entire civilized world.

According to the ambassador, Paevskaya's testimony is very important for bringing the Russian Federation to justice for the crimes committed and increasing attention to the need to increase joint efforts to release all the military and civilians whom Russia has illegally captured and is holding captive in violation of all international norms.

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Paevskaya told about some of the atrocities that she witnessed both in Mariupol and in Russian captivity.

In particular, the paramedic spoke about pregnant prisoners whose fate is unknown to either their relatives or the state; about a fighter who was beaten for three hours and thrown into the basement; about a dead child in her mother's arms; about a 7-year-old boy with a bullet wound who died in the arms of Taira herself; of prisoners who, in their cells, screamed and died for weeks from torture without any medical assistance, and of prisoners who were forced to take off their clothes before being killed; about the torture chamber, the mutilated bodies of women and children who were taken out from under the rubble; about dogs dragging human limbs around the city, and so on.

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When the Russian was torturing Paevskaya, he asked her: “Do you know why we are doing this to you?” 

"Because you can," she replied.

The Russian occupiers captured Tayra in mid-March in Mariupol.

Shortly after her capture, the Russian propaganda media of the Russian Federation published a video of her. In the video, they refer to Payevskaya as “a member of the Azov Battalion,” although in reality she is not a soldier, but a civilian volunteer paramedic. On June 17, it became known that Taira had been released from captivity.

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