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Ukrainian received a Grammy: who is Nadezhda Shpachenko and what is she famous in the USA

The 62nd annual Grammy Music Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles. Ukrainian pianist Nadezhda Shpachenko with the album The Poetry of Place won in the category "best classical collection", writes "Voice of America".

Nadezhda Shpachenko was born in Kharkov, she began to study music at the age of five. By the age of 13, she had already gained recognition as a pianist and composer, performing with the Kharkov Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.

In 1991, the family moved to Israel, and then in 1994 to the United States. Nadezhda received a bachelor's degree from the prestigious University of Cambridge, and then a doctorate in music from the University of Northern California.

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As the project writes bykvu.comNadezhda regularly performs solo and chamber concerts, as well as a soloist with orchestras in North America and Europe in such venues as the Los Angeles Museum of Art, the Phillips Collection Museum in Washington, the Chateau de Modave in Belgium, and Concertgebouw ”In Amsterdam and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Shpachenko also toured in Mexico with the Baja California orchestra and performed with the Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra and the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra in California.

The pianist specializes in interpreting new music, often performing with premieres of works by contemporary composers. In particular, it was Nadezhda who first performed the works of Yuri Ishchenko: Concert No. 2 (at the XVII International Festival KyivMusicFest) and Quartet No. 2 (at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York), as well as a concert “Dialogues” for piano and chamber orchestra E Carter with the Nimbus Ensemble in Los Angeles.

In addition, Nadezhda performed with world premieres, performing works by composers such as Elliott Carter, George Cramb, Daniel Felsenfeld, Tom Flaherty, Annie Gosfield, Vera Ivanova, Leon Kirchner, Amy Beth Kirsten, Hannah Leisha, James Mateson, Missy Mazzoli, Harold Meltzer, Adam Schoenberg, Lewis Spratlan, Gernot Wolfgang, Janis Xenakis, Peter Yates, Jack Van Zandt and many others.

Nadezhda performs her concerts at the piano, but often uses a toy piano, percussion, harpsichord and synthesizer. Her performances are accompanied by recitation, playing the synthesizer, as well as multimedia materials.

A native of Ukraine was announced at the 62nd Grammy in two categories at once - “Best Compilation” and “Producer of the Year in Classical Music” for the album “The Poetry Of Places”. This is not the first time that Hope has been nominated for a prestigious award.

Earlier, the premiere collection of Nadezhda’s works entitled “Woman at the New Piano: American Music of 2013” ​​was nominated in three categories during the 58th Grammy Awards. This collection of works is accompanied by four solo and two duet compositions (performed with pianist Geneva Feiven Lee), written for the album by composers Tom Flaherty, James Matteson, Adam Schoenberg and Peter Yates.

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After moving to and getting an education in the USA, Nadezhda taught at the California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly Pomona), gave concerts and lectured at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and the California Institute of the Arts. Now Nadezhda Shpachenko is a professor of piano at the University of Pomona. In 2017, she received the award "For Excellence in Scientific and Creative Activities." She also teaches at the University of Clermont.

“Nadezhda Shpachenko received the title of Doctor of Musical Arts and a Master’s degree at the University of Southern California, who graduated with excellent marks. Among her teachers are John Perry in Los Angeles, Victor Rosenbaum in Boston, Victor Derevyanko in Israel, Serafima Schwartz in Ukraine, ”the website of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine reports.

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