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Ukraine and the United States signed a 10-year security agreement: what does it mean?

Vladimir Zelensky and Joe Biden signed a security agreement during the G7 summit. It stipulates that Washington will provide Kyiv with a wide range of military assistance, but without specific guarantees, reports with the BBC.

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“The parties recognize this agreement as supporting the transition to Ukraine’s possible membership in NATO,” says the text of the agreement, quoted by Reuters.

The AFP agency, citing a statement by US authorities, calls this agreement “a powerful signal of strong support for Ukraine now and in the future.”

President Joe Biden emphasized that American troops will not be sent to Ukraine, but the American government will do everything to bring the Armed Forces of Ukraine closer to NATO standards. President Zelensky called this document a “historic agreement” and said that this is the most important event since the beginning of relations between Ukraine and the United States.

“It will help us save lives,” he said.

The document obliges the United States to continue training the Ukrainian armed forces for 10 years, expand cooperation in the production of weapons and equipment, provide military assistance and strengthen intelligence sharing. In the event of a new Russian attack, according to the agreement, US authorities must immediately consult with Ukraine to determine next steps.

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The agreement does not contain mutual defense obligations similar to NATO collective security. The document does not contain specific financial obligations to support the defense of Ukraine. However, the appendix outlines how the Biden administration plans to work with Congress to fund long-term funding for such support.

Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan emphasized the symbolic significance of this document.

“If Vladimir Putin thinks that he can wait out the coalition’s support for Ukraine, then he is deeply mistaken,” the adviser noted. “We believe that the security of Ukraine is critical to the security of Europe and, therefore, to the security of America.”

Agreement is optional

American media draw attention to the fact that the US-Ukraine security treaty will be an “executive agreement” that does not require ratification and “is not binding on any future president.” However, the Washington Post emphasizes, citing White House sources, that the agreement is aimed at committing future US administrations to support Ukraine, even if former President Donald Trump wins the election in November.

This type of agreement does not require parliamentary ratification. Therefore, it is not necessary for Biden to implement it, much less any future US president. This document, according to the media, does not contain new commitments on the prospects for Ukraine’s accession to NATO. The Washington Post notes that with Trump leading in many pre-election polls, "the future of the agreement remains unclear."

Previously, the 45th president expressed skepticism about continuing the fight with Kiev, once saying that he would end the war between Russia and Ukraine in 24 hours. Trump has insisted that Europe should shoulder most of Kyiv's support. But he ultimately signaled his agreement for Congress to pass aid to Ukraine this spring.

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Other security agreements signed by Ukraine

In addition to the United States, the Ukrainian government has already concluded security agreements with 16 countries. In particular, on June 13, an agreement was signed with Japan. The first such agreement, in January of this year, was an agreement with the British Prime Minister on cooperation in the field of security. It provided for assistance from the British government in training the Ukrainian military, developing the defense industry, and providing naval forces.

Over the following months, similar agreements with Kiev were signed by Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland and Norway. Another 16 countries have committed to eventually enter into similar agreements. The signatories are expected to coordinate the implementation of their obligations to provide assistance to Kyiv.

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