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Ukrainian consulates have resumed serving men of military age: what you need to know

This year, Ukrainian authorities suspended the provision of consular services to men aged 18 to 60 living abroad. But from May 18 Ukrainian diplomatic missions have resumed providing services to men of military age, although additional conditions apply.

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Consular services resumed on May 18 for this age group, provided the men had valid military documents, the Foreign Ministry said.

Additional terms

From the statement of the department it follows that now, along with the documents necessary to receive the selected consular service, men of military age will have to additionally attach their military registration document - a certificate of registration at the conscription station (issued to conscripts), or a military ID, or a temporary certificate of a person liable for military service (issued to those liable for military service) in paper (VOD) or electronic form (e-VOD).

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It is important to know that a paper document can be submitted only before the start of the conscript’s electronic account, in which everyone can independently generate an electronic document.

Electronic military registration document (e-VOD)

On June 18, 2024, a special “electronic account for conscripts, conscripts and reservists” will begin operating, with the help of which those abroad Ukrainians will be able to remotely update their military registration data and generate the document required for the consulate. This electronic document will be displayed in the application on your smartphone and contain verified data from the Unified State Register of Conscripts, Persons liable for Military Service and Reservists. From June 18 it will be possible form it yourself after updating your own data in the conscript’s electronic account.
Until it is operational, you will be able to obtain a military registration document in paper form at the consulate itself.

It is worth noting that in order to receive consular services, the electronic military registration document must be reliable and up-to-date, that is, generated no earlier than 3 days before applying to the consular office. If the document is older than 3 days, you should re-create it in the recruiter’s electronic account before applying.

By scanning the code from your smartphone, the consul will be able to receive real-time confirmation of the relevance of your military registration data, as well as the ability to provide consular services.

What to do if the conscript’s electronic account has not yet started working, but there is no paper document either

Ukrainians can use a temporary alternative option: register for temporary consular registration or update their consular registration data and then apply for consular services without an electronic or paper military registration document.

In this case, there is no need to make a separate entry in the electronic queue to submit documents for temporary consular registration or updating consular registration data.

The list of documents required for temporary consular registration or updating data for staying there is contained in the corresponding section on the website of the foreign diplomatic institution that provides this service for residents of its consular district.

If a Ukrainian has a residence permit in a foreign country, he must add a copy of such permission to the documents for registration.

When you may not present a paper or electronic military registration document to receive consular services

A paper or electronic military registration document for obtaining consular services may not be presented in three cases:

  • if we are talking about issuing an identity card for returning to Ukraine (the so-called “white passport”);
  • when the consular action is performed in the interests of a child whose second parent is a foreigner or stateless person;
  • if an arrested or imprisoned applicant applies for consular services.

What to do if you don’t have not only a paper military registration document, but also a foreign passport

To register for temporary consular registration, a foreign passport is required. Otherwise, you should wait until June 18, when, according to the Ministry of Defense, it will be possible to create an electronic military registration document in the conscript’s electronic account. Having generated such a document, the citizen will be able to apply with it to the consular office to obtain a foreign passport.

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For Ukrainians without a foreign passport, the opportunity to obtain an identity card for returning to Ukraine (the so-called “white passport”) remains available.

What is the electronic account of a conscript, a person liable for military service and a reservist?

The electronic account of conscripts, conscripts and reservists is one of the methods for updating military registration data. According to information from the Ministry of Defense, the electronic account will be implemented in the format of the Reserve+ mobile application, which can only be downloaded from the official App Store and Google Play markers.

The application will go live on June 18, 2024. Detailed instructions for the operation of the mobile application have already been published on the resources of the Ministry of Defense: Facebook, Telegram.

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