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'Left to conquer Hollywood': Russian actors who failed in the USA

Since the days of the USSR, actors have wanted to become famous not only at home, but also abroad. Hollywood was the cherished dream of the majority. Many wanted to poison themselves in the footsteps of Savely Kramarov, who was one of the first to conquer the United States. What modern actors decided to try their luck abroad, but did not succeed, the publication said "Women's Paradise".

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Natalia Andreichenko

Natalia Andreichenko became famous throughout the Soviet Union thanks to the film "Mary Poppins, Goodbye!" The actress was loved by everyone - both children and adults.

Together with her husband Maximilian Schell, Andreichenko decided to leave for the USA and try herself as an actress there. However, her husband, a famous American actor, winner of the "Oscar", was categorically against his wife acting in films. One actor in a family is enough. Therefore, Natalia became an ordinary housewife. She took up raising children and household chores.

After the divorce, Andreichenko returned to Russia and tried to restore her career, but she failed to achieve her previous success.

Sergey Gorobchenko

Gorobchenko became famous thanks to the film "Boomer". After such success, the actor decided to try his hand at Hollywood. But, unfortunately, he became famous and there he did not succeed.

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He went to many auditions, but he failed to get at least one role. After this, he decided to return to his homeland and to this day continues to appear in TV series.

Lyanka Gryu

Although Lyanka Gryu is a fairly young actress, she has already become quite famous in Russia. She also wanted to show her talent to the whole Hollywood. She made an attempt when she was in the United States with her son. The boy needed the help of foreign specialists. She managed to play a supporting role in the film "The Americans", but after that there were no more offers.

Now the actress lives in Russia, shares with the whole world the experience of treating a child with autism, and also acts in films.

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Mikhail Gorevoy

Gorevoy left the USSR and went to conquer the United States in the 1990s. But at that time the actors had practically no work, so Mikhail had to work as a taxi driver. Although he did not abandon attempts to get a role in a movie. Unfortunately, he did not succeed, but he was able to raise enough money to return to his homeland and found his own theater there.

After that, the actor began acting in films, though already in Russia. He did not abandon the idea of ​​conquering Hollywood and from time to time visited the United States. I must say, his persistence was rewarded - he starred in the film of Steven Spielberg himself.

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