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Convenient and fast: the best apps to buy and sell used furniture and household items

Selling furniture is a great way to free up your space and earn some extra cash, but it's not really an intuitive process. While there are many apps designed to manage the sale of what you want to sell, it's hard to know which ones to choose. Taking photos, writing descriptions, posting messages, interacting with potential buyers, and even paying a commission to list your content for sale are all time consuming. So you need to make sure you're targeting the right audience with the right app. But how to do that? Edition Lifehacker has put together some of the best apps for selling your furniture.

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If you are in a hurry: OfferUp/letgo

You may have heard of Letgo before but didn't know that OfferUp purchased it in 2020. These two powerful buy and sell apps are now one big marketplace and this marketplace is great for getting rid of your furniture. Because the marketplace is so big, you're more likely to find a real buyer who really wants your stuff, and you'll only pay a commission if you have to ship your item. This is the best app if time is limited because not only do you reach the most potential buyers, but you can list your items as free. If your goal is to clear your space and not necessarily earn money, then this is your app.

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If you have something to sell: Chairish

Marketplaces and apps are full of people trying to cash in on old Ikea chairs, and that's okay. But all that reselling can really clutter up the space, making it hard for your quality items like antiques or designer tables to stand out or attract potential buyers. That's where Chairish comes in: the furniture sold on the app is curated by a team of people, which means you'll need to apply for permission to have your items listed for sale. Expect to earn a commission of around 70% if the curators choose your furniture, but know that the process and fees are well worth it: Chairish shoppers understand quality and taste and can simply search for exactly what you sell.

If you have time and want to earn money: Everything But the House

If you're in no hurry to sell your stuff and have a large amount of quality furniture to offload, try a bidding app like Everything But the House. In fact, this is the sale of real estate online. You can list furniture, art, memorabilia—anything that clogs up your space—and then wait. Each lot starts at $1 and interested parties bid on it for up to a week. However, there are higher fees here, so you won't earn exactly what the item is worth. Fees vary not only by location, but also by what price your item sells for.

If you want to stay away: AptDeco

You might have time to take a few photos and write a few notes about how wonderful your coffee table is, but it's a whole other thing to set up a meeting or send a large piece of furniture. AptDeco is a marketplace that makes sure you don't have to do that part. You can post for free, but your ad won't show until the AptDeco team improves your photos and adds more details. If someone sends a request for your item, you confirm the sale within 24 hours, and then the company sends a delivery team to you. Listing is free, but if your item sells, you'll pay between 25% and 48% sales fees depending on what's sold and how much it costs to move it.

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It is worth noting that kaiyo is a similar marketplace that provides a free pickup service but also requires your items to be accepted chairish style. If your items are accepted, they come for them immediately, and you can even get paid right away before anything is sold, or you can wait until it's sold to get a percentage of its final sale price. This is a good option if you want your stuff to disappear right away.

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