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A beach in Northern California that boasts amazing treasures.

The beaches in Northern California are certainly an iconic part of the region, and neither spring nor summer is complete without visiting one of them. One of the special beaches in the region is Crescent, where you can find many “sand dollars” (flat shield-like sea urchins). You will definitely leave with a lot of these treasures in your pocket. Writes about it Only in Your State.

Sandy Dollar. Photo: Shutterstock

The vibrant city of Crescent City is approximately 20 miles (32,1 km) from the California-Oregon border. It is named after the sandy beach south of the city. If you are a sand dollar hunter, this is the place where you will definitely find them.

This is one of the most pristine beaches in Northern California. It is characterized by sandy white shores and is a great place to relax all year round. The coast stretches for three miles (4,8 km) and offers many opportunities for exploration.

As you walk along the silky coastline, you are bound to come across some truly unique treasures in the form of sand dollar shields. Digging in the sand in search of these wonders is one of the favorite activities of local vacationers.

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Along with the occasional seashells, you will definitely find many great sand dollars. They are scattered all over the beach.

These gorgeous little finds can make great souvenirs. But make sure any sand dollars you find are just blank shields. The living “sand dollars” are dark in color, and the shields are white.

Better to look for "dollars" at low tide, especially after a storm. Hunting them is an iconic Californian activity that must be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Even if you do not come to the beach for “dollars”, you will surely be amazed by the charming views.

Crescent Beach is located south of Crescent City. You will find the main parking lot on Enderts Beach Road just off Highway 101.

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