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Coronavirus May Cause Mental Disorders: What You Need to Know

A new study found that some seriously ill patients with COVID-19 often experience mental illness. Writes about it "Focus".

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In a paper published in the medical journal Lancet, British scientists say that some people in serious condition have delirium, a disorder accompanied by confusion, impaired attention, perception, thinking and emotions.

Researchers believe that a prolonged stay in intensive care and on a ventilator increases the risk of mental disorders. Scientists have concluded that patients recovering from a severe form of COVID-19 may experience depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD).

But most patients, especially those with mild illness, will not be prone to mental health problems.

It is noted that the study was based on an analysis of the condition of patients after MERS, SARS and early data on patients with COVID-19.

It is noted that out of 129 patients hospitalized with SARS and MERS coronaviruses, 54 insomnia was recorded, 46 had anxiety, 44 had memory impairment, 42 had depression and 36 had confusion.

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So, scientists from the UK and Italy, analyzing data, mainly from China, found evidence of confusion and excitement in more than 60% of patients with COVID-19 who needed intensive care.

Scientists also warned that PTSD was observed in 33% of people who underwent SARS and MERS more than two years after a serious illness. 15% of those who recovered had depression, and another 15% had anxiety disorder. Such patients often complained of traumatic memories, memory problems, fatigue, insomnia and poor mood during recovery.

It is still not clear how the current pandemic will affect the mental health of people without additional research.

“Our analysis of more than 3550 cases of coronavirus shows that most people will not suffer from mental health problems after having had a coronavirus,” says Jonathan Rogers, a research leader at University College London.

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