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Scientists have managed to create a vaccine against COVID-19, which has proven efficacy in two phases of trials

Sarah Gilbert, a leading scientist at the University of Oxford working on a potential vaccine against COVID-19, said on July 1 that when tested in humans, the vaccine elicited the correct immune response, but declined to state the exact timing of the drug’s readiness for use. Writes about this Reuters.

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Speaking at the parliamentary hearing, Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology at the university, said that 8000 volunteers were enrolled in the third phase of the AZD1222 vaccine trial, which was licensed by AstraZeneca.

“We're thrilled to see the right immune response providing protection, not the wrong one,” said Gilbert.

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As part of the project, the third phase of human trials has begun to evaluate how the vaccine works in a large number of people over 18 years of age and how effective the drug is in preventing people from becoming infected and developing COVID-19.

The race to develop an effective vaccine against the new coronavirus continues with fears that the pandemic may worsen by the end of the year when the winter season begins in the northern hemisphere.

Kate Bingham, chairman of the UK Government's Vaccine Task Force, said she hopes for a breakthrough by early 2021.

Gilbert, however, expressed the hope that the Oxford vaccine will make progress earlier, but did not specify what the time period is. She stated that this would depend on the test results.

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John Bell, a professor of medicine at the University of Oxford, said that Britain should be prepared for the fact that there will be no vaccine in the winter, and encourage people to get flu shots to avoid overcrowding in hospitals.

“This whole epidemic is too dependent on assumptions that have turned out to be wrong,” he said. "So my main advice is to be prepared for the worst."

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