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Scientists have created a humanoid robot that can turn into a liquid

Researchers have created humanoid miniature robots that can change shape and turn into liquid. This will help create more robots that can switch between liquid and solid states, allowing them to be used in a variety of situations. The edition told in more detail Independent.

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The researchers demonstrated this ability: they forced one of the robots to turn into a liquid so that he could escape from the small prison in which he was kept.

In other demonstrations, the robots jumped over ditches, climbed walls, and split in half so the two parts could work together to move objects before rejoining together.

However, they are magnetic and can be used to conduct electricity, which allows them to be controlled.

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Now scientists hope to find ways to actually use them.

“We want this robot to be used to solve some very specific medical and engineering problems,” explained Chengfeng Pan, an engineer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong who led the study.

For example, researchers have tested using robots to remove a foreign object from the stomach and then inject drugs into the patient. They also showed how it can be used to penetrate circuits and then reassemble and repair them, as well as to do the same with hard-to-reach screws.

“Future work should further explore how these robots can be used in a biomedical context,” said Carmel Majidi of Carnegie Mellon University, who was also involved in the project. “What we are showing is just one-time demonstrations, proofs of concept. "It will take a lot more research to understand how robots can actually be used to deliver drugs or remove foreign objects."

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And while it's still a long way from the "liquid metal" of The Terminator, such a revelation makes the future shown in the film a little more real. The T-1000 Advanced Prototype, better known as the Liquid Metal Terminator, first appeared in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It was the first series of SkyNET terminators made from metal polyalloy.

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