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Scientists have developed a coating that destroys coronavirus on surfaces

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people go to great lengths to minimize contact with common surfaces such as supermarket trolleys, doorknobs or light switches. Virginia Tech found a solution to the problem. Together with the University of Hong Kong, American scientists have developed a coating that becomes a barrier to coronavirus. Writes about it "Voice of America".

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The coating resembles paint, but it has not only decorative but also disinfecting properties.

“The paint contains the active ingredient, copper oxide, made from recycled copper pipes and wires, which is completely recycled. And this oxide deactivates the coronavirus, ”said William Ducker, professor at Virginia Polytechnic University.

The university emphasizes that the uniqueness of the discovery lies in its simplicity. The principle of action is the same as with silver ions, which kill bacteria. For an unclear reason, the coronavirus is destroyed by contact with copper oxide. It is enough just to apply copper paint to any surface and wait for it to dry.

“After that, the coronavirus will be constantly destroyed, day after day. No need to re-coat. After all, when you paint a house, you don't do it every day, ”says Ducker.

The coating can be applied, for example, to car door handles or steering wheels: after all, they cannot be wiped with disinfectants after each touch. And also on any other public surfaces, such as handrails in public transport.

According to the research, the virus dies on the painted surface within an hour, and the effectiveness of the method is 99,9%. Although paint is destructive for a virus, a person will not notice much difference when touching painted objects.

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“The texture of the antique paint is very smooth,” says Ducker. “We painted the pen that people in the US usually use to sign credit card transactions, and which people are often afraid to use. You would not even notice that it is painted: the usual smooth surface, like a regular pen. "

The advantage of anti-coronavirus paint is also called the absence of a pungent odor - when applied, there is a slight smell of copper wire, but after a few hours it disappears.

Scientists claim that copper oxide makes the paint incredibly durable.

“My student tried to scrape it off with a blade, but it didn't flake off,” says William Ducker.

So far, the paint is available in only one color - brown-red, since this is the color of copper oxide.

“It's kind of a distinctive feature,” says Ducker. According to him, they will also try to make the paint transparent.

Now the professor is thinking about how to commercialize the invention. As with many novel COVID-19 novelties, this can be far more challenging than the invention process. The paint has a clear advantage - it will not be prohibitively expensive.

“I think it will be quite affordable,” says Ducker. - Now I am in the process of bringing the project to the market, and it is rather difficult, because I am a professor, not a businessman. Therefore, I cannot name the exact price, but I believe that the technology will be available to ordinary people, not just millionaires. "

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