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Scientists have identified the most dangerous drink

If you have ever tried fresh milk once in your life, pasteurized milk will seem like a miserable imitation.

Fresh milk is sweeter and tastier, it has a pleasant smell, but you can hardly call it healthy.

Although fresh milk reduces the symptoms of hay fever, asthma and eczema and contains more nutrients than its pasteurized counterpart, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns: raw, uncooked milk is one of the most dangerous products in the world.

Milk that has not been pasteurized is a favorable breeding ground for salmonella, listeria and other bacteria that cause serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Fresh milk is so dangerous that its sale is prohibited in the UK, Australia and almost half of the US states.

During heat treatment - heating the milk to a temperature of 72 degrees - harmful bacteria die.

It is enough to hold the milk at the temperature specified above for at least 15 seconds - and it will become safe, but will retain a significant part of its taste.

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