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Scientists have taught the robot to bake pancakes. Video

Researchers from the RoboHow project of artificial intelligence at the University of Bremen have taught robots to cook pancakes and pizza on their own.

In the future, new inventions of scientists must learn to use written instructions before proceeding to any specific actions. Epochtimes.

Robots are becoming increasingly commonplace, and people need to work more closely with them. That is why project manager Michael Bittsu believes that robots need to be taught to analyze instructions and even videos. After that, if necessary, the person will correct the execution of the tasks assigned by the robot, and then the machine will cope on its own.

German robotics specialists used the WikiHow portal as a source of instructions and taught them robots, based on the PR-2 research robot, masterly prepare food.

As soon as the robot learns the next task, the instructions will be entered into an online database that other robots will be able to use.

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