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The murder of a Ukrainian woman by Alec Baldwin: complete chaos reigned on the set with weapons

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, a weapons specialist on the set of Rust, has been the subject of numerous complaints while working as a gunsmith in her previous and first film, The Old Way. DailyMail.

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Nicolas Cage, star of the film “The Old Way,” where Hannah Gutierrez-Reed worked as a weapons specialist, yelled at her after she fired her pistol a second time without warning: “You just kicked my fucking eardrums!”

A member of the production crew for “The Old Way” said she “put the cast and crew in several unnecessary and dangerous situations” before he advised that she should be fired.

In an interview with the podcast after filming ended, she said she wasn't sure if she was ready to become the main gunsmith on set.

Two production sources claim that Rust gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed previously gave the child actor a pistol without being tested on the set of The Old Way.

The rookie gunsmith has been named as the man who loaded Alec Baldwin's revolver that killed cameraman Halina Hutchins on the set of Rust.

New to the profession, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who loaded the gun that killed cinematographer Halina Hutchins when Alec Baldwin was shooting on set, has been the subject of numerous complaints about her latest film.

Gutierrez-Reed, 24, upset crew members and star Nicolas Cage with her “dangerous” gun handling on the set of “The Old Way,” just two months before “Rust”.

Stu Brambo, director of The Old Way, told TheWrap that the young gunsmith did not follow basic gun safety rules.

He said that after Gutierrez-Reed fired the weapon for the second time in three days without warning, Cage yelled, "Make an announcement, you just kicked out my fucking eardrums!"

Brambo told the assistant director on set that Gutierrez-Reed needed to be fired: “After the second incident, I was furious. We worked too fast. She was a newbie. "

After sharing his concerns with his superiors, he learned that “The Old Way” was the very first film a young woman had worked on.

The producer of “The Old Way” denied Brambo's claims: “I don't remember such an event on our set. I asked my partners the same thing. They said, "The details of some of these stories, especially when they relate to 'The Old Way,' have been overblown."

The Old Way producer said Gutierrez-Reed worked under the guidance of experienced property owner Jeffrey W. Crowe.

But Brambo and another source who was on set claimed that Gutierrez-Reed "put the cast and crew in a few unnecessary and dangerous situations."

Brambo insisted that she violated safety protocols when she entered the set with live ammunition instead of blanks, without making an announcement to the cast and crew.

He claimed that she had pistols under her arms, and that rifles in both hands, which were ready for use, were pointed at people from time to time as she moved around the set. And that she fired the gun twice without warning.

“The key is low film budgets, which is why such an inexperienced person was hired for such an important role. “The tragedy is that it all comes down to the producers,” he said.

“This is happening more and more often. Since manufacturers refuse to bring in more experienced people because their fees are higher, they demand that we take our time, and that manufacturers do not want to pay. So they hire a newcomer who is energetic, willing to work and will do it with fewer demands and no additional people, ”said Brambo.

He continued, “The problem is that she was not helped. I would have had at least two more people. In the first film and in the second, she did everything herself. If there was one more person in this film, the tragedy would not have happened. The second person would inspect the gun and make it safe. ”

Brambo explained that he understands how mistakes can be made: “Your superiors are yelling at you ... You are 24 years old, you are energetic and do not want to be yelled at. So you hurry up and start arming people. "

Sources also told The Daily Beast about Gutierrez-Reed's “unsafe” mistakes on the set of “The Old Way,” saying she passed the gun to 11-year-old actress Ryan Cyrus Armstrong. She was a little careless with her weapon, brandishing it from time to time. A couple of times she charged the drum and did it in a way we thought was unsafe.

The insider added that they saw her loading the pistol on the pebbled ground, which could be dangerous, before handing the pistol to Armstrong.

“She was reloading the gun on the ground where there were pebbles and stuff,” the source said. “We didn’t see her checking everything thoroughly, we didn’t know if something had hit the barrel or not.”

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Gutierrez-Reed herself admitted that she was not sure she was ready for work in an interview after filming The Old Way.

“This was my first time as a chief gunsmith. You know, at first I was very nervous about it, and I almost gave up this job because I wasn't sure if I was ready, but everything seemed to go very smoothly. "

She continued, “The best part of my job is just to show people, who are usually intimidated by guns, how safe they can be and how safe the weapon is if it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.”

In an interview with the podcast, she also admitted that she considered loading blanks to be the “worst” thing to do because she didn’t know how to do it, and turned to her father, legendary gunsmith Tell Reed, for help to overcome her fear.

According to her LinkedIn page, she worked as a videographer for Synth Fire, a California-based news and media company, and documentary filmmaker in Flagstaff, Arizona.

On the subject: Texans were allowed to openly carry weapons in public places: no license or training

She worked as a gunsmith at Yellowstone Ranch from March to June 2021, but, according to the page, stopped working there three months before filming of Rust began in October.

Gutierrez-Reed just recently left Northern Arizona University, where she studied Creative Media and Film from 2017 to 2020.

She was seen for the first time after the fatal incident near her home in Bullhead City, Arizona.

On October 21, a female cameraman was killed and the director was wounded when assistant director Dave Halls handed Baldwin a revolver that Gutierrez-Reed loaded with live rounds into.

A Santa Fe County sheriff's spokesman said: “The investigation remains active and open. Witnesses continue to be interviewed and evidence collected. ”

In addition to the criminal investigation, the New Mexico Bureau of Occupational Safety and Health is investigating Hutchins' death and may impose civil penalties even if no charges are filed in the case.

“Our state program OSHA is investigating this,” Rebecca Roose, deputy secretary of the cabinet for the New Mexico Department of the Environment, told Deadline.

“The government takes all workplace safety issues very seriously and will work diligently to investigate this tragic fatal incident,” she added.

Members of the crew used live ammunition on the set of Alec Baldwin's "Rust," and a few hours before Galina Hutchins was killed, they were engaged in an amusement called "plinking". NZHERALD.

Sharon Waxman, founder and CEO of The Wrap, told CNN that one of these shotguns was later handed over to Baldwin, who fired a shot that killed 42-year-old Hutchins and injured director Joel Sousa, citing information from someone with information. from the set.

“There is this kind of entertainment that the crew members love, it's called plink, they go out into the countryside and shoot at beer cans. use live ammunition. We learned that it happened on the morning of the day Halina Hutchins was killed, ”Waxman said.

When asked by The Wrap for comment, the producers of Rust referred to their previous statement sent out to the media.

“The safety of our cast and crew is a top priority for Rust Productions and everyone involved with the company. While we have not received any formal complaints regarding the safety of weapons or props on set, we will conduct an internal review of our procedures. While production is stopped. We will continue to work with the Santa Fe authorities in their investigation and offer mental health services to the cast and crew during this tragic time, ”the statement said.

Souza, who was shot in the shoulder, told investigators that the revolver went off when Baldwin trained to draw his weapon, according to affidavits.

According to Souza, Baldwin "sat on a bench in the church building and practiced cross draw."

Photo: Shutterstock

Cross draw is when the shooter draws the weapon from the holster on the opposite side of the body from the pulling arm.

Sousa said he was looking over Hutchins' shoulder when he heard "a sound like a whip and then a loud bang." According to him, three people handled firearms for the filming of the scene - they were checked by the gunsmith and the first assistant director, and then handed over to the actor using them.

No charges were filed.

According to numerous reports, in the days leading up to the fatal shooting, at least two accidental shots occurred on the set of the film.

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On October 16, film crew members fired two shots after being told the pistol was "empty."

It is not known if these were live ammunition. No one was injured as a result of the accidental shots.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • American actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed one person and injured another on the set of a film in Albuquerque. The deceased, 42-year-old photographer and cinematographer Halina Hutchins, was a Ukrainian.
  • On October 21, on the set of the film, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed the cameraman and wounded the director. The Ukrainian woman was killed. Sources of claim that she could have filmed her own death.
  • Law enforcement is investigating the killing of cinematographer Halina Hutchins by actor Alec Baldwin in an accident on the set of "Rust" court records show that the gunsmith and film assistant director.

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