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Uber and Lyft will transport US residents for free to vaccinate against COVID-19

The White House said Uber and Lyft will provide free travel to COVID-19 vaccinations, writes NPR.

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On Tuesday, May 11, the White House announced that anyone who needs to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to get a free ride from Lyft and Uber. This is done to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.

"This function will be launched in the next two weeks and will last until July 4," the White House said.

People who wish to use the program will need to select a vaccination site near them and then take advantage of the free travel option. Both companies will be promoting this offer in their apps.

The initiative is a new facet of US President Joe Biden's quest to ensure that 70% of US adults receive at least one shot by July 4th. The two companies are "moving America closer to this goal," the White House said.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Tuesday, May 11 that more than 58% of American adults have received at least one shot. More than 44% of adults are fully vaccinated.

Lyft says it will offer a "travel code" to cover up to $ 15 for each trip to or from a vaccination site. The company expects that the code will make the trip free or it will cost very little. The offer applies to day trips by bicycles and scooters, as well as by cars. The company said people will be able to subscribe to their travel code by May 24th.

Uber has yet to provide details on its plan, but both Uber and Lyft have previously pledged to offer millions of rides to people who need help getting vaccinated.

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Uber previously promised up to 10 million free rides or discounted rides to help people get vaccinated, especially "communities of color hit by the pandemic."

In another part of the U.S. effort to facilitate vaccinations, the White House said the government would broker partnerships between retail pharmacies and community colleges, which would then host vaccination sites for students, staff, and local communities.

More than 32,7 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States, including more than 582 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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