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Florida resident tested with West Nile virus

In the blood of a resident of Florida, antibodies to the West Nile virus were found. Officials are concerned that other residents of the region may become infected. This was reported on the website of the TV channel WPTV.

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A resident of Palm Beach County, Florida has contracted the West Nile virus. County health officials said this on Monday, July 27. This man was found to have antibodies to the virus after donating blood last week.

The Florida Department of Health has warned local residents that mosquito activity has been on the rise in Palm Beach County areas recently. Experts say there are "heightened fears" that other residents may also contract the West Nile virus.

The Palm Beach County Mosquito Control Administration and the Department of Health said they continue to conduct surveillance and preventative work to reduce the number of cases carried by mosquitoes. “We looked for mosquito larvae and surveyed various areas and roadside areas where mosquitoes are widespread,” said Chris Reisinger of Palm Beach County Mosquito Control. In addition, to kill these insects, operations are carried out to spray potentially dangerous areas.

The last time infection with West Nile virus in Palm Beach County was recorded in 2018. These were two cases caused by an imported infection.

On the subject: West Nile fever mosquitoes discovered in New York: what's important to know

Why is it so dangerous

The danger of West Nile virus is that approximately 80% of infected people do not show symptoms. Those who do develop symptoms usually experience headaches, body aches, fever, and fatigue.

The main symptoms are: headache, fever, muscle pain and extreme fatigue.

The main carriers of the virus are several species of Culex mosquitoes, which spread it from April to September. Health department officials are actively taking measures to destroy mosquito larvae every year.

This year also took the necessary measures - July 7 New York Starts Fighting West Nile Fever Mosquitoes. To this end, all boros in New York conducted aerial pesticide treatment.

How to protect yourself

New Yorkers must also take care of their safety. The first thing to do is get rid of standing water and use a spray to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Key recommendations for virus protection:

  • Use an approved insect repellent containing DEET (Diethyltoluamide, DEET), picaridin, lemon eucalyptus oil (not for children under three years old), or products containing the active ingredient IR3535.
  • Install insect screens on windows if not available. Replace those with holes and holes.
  • Make sure that there is no standing water in your yard, dispose of containers that may collect water. Make sure that the gutters on the roof are clean and provide a reliable outflow of water.
  • Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor saunas and hot tubs. Keep them empty or covered when not in use. Drain off water that collects in pool covers.

Failure to follow these rules is a violation of the NYC Health Code. You can report standing water by calling 311 or by visiting Web site. For more information on West Nile virus, call 311 or visit City Hall website.

Virus details West Nile is available here.

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