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USCIS has a tool to track the status of your application: they recently added new forms

Some immigrants can find out the processing time for their applications using the USCIS tool called myProgress. Where to find this tool and for which applications it is available, according to a press release USCIS.

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Special tool USCIS myProgress provides applicants with access to personalized estimates of the waiting time of the main stages of their case, including the final decision on it.

While the estimates are based on historical patterns of cases with similar characteristics, they are not exact timelines, fail to account for all possible unique delays, and may overestimate or underestimate actual processing times.

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In addition, USCIS recently announced the expansion of myProgress. Details are now available for Forms I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and I-131, Application for Travel Document.

In addition to I-765 and I-131, information is available in myProgress for Forms N-400, Application for Naturalization, I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, and I-130, Petition for Family Reunification.

In order to view the estimated time frame for a case, applicants must firstcreate an online USCIS account or log into your account and select a pending application.

If you submitted an online application or linked the submitted form to your account using an access code, you will see the myProgress tab for your application. The myProgress tab displays the estimated wait time before a case is decided, as well as a check mark next to three milestones as the application progresses:

  • confirmation of receipt of the application;
  • appointment of biometric data collection (if necessary);
  • decision in the case at hand.

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In addition, there is a public service Check Case Processing Times, where you can find out how long it usually takes to process an application from start to finish. All you have to do is select the form, its subcategory, and the office where you applied or plan to apply. The service will show you the period of time during which 80% of applications are processed on average.

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