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Millions of dollars worth of real estate found in famous Russian television presenter

The host of the First Channel, Elena Malysheva, has a mansion in New York, as well as several apartments where her sons live. This was told by the opposition Russian politician Alexei Navalny as part of his new investigation.

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Scandalous Russian TV presenter Elena Malysheva owns a luxurious mansion in the suburbs of New York, the purchase of which was the most expensive transaction for the sale of real estate in the district in 2016. The authors of the investigation also found apartments in the heart of the Big Apple, where the sons of the TV presenter now live. This was announced by the main oppositionist of Russia and the opponent of Vladimir Putin Alexei Navalny at his OnlineAs well as YouTube channel.

The mansion, which users have already marked on Google maps as “Elena Malysheva’s Palace,” is located in New Jersey at 34 Timberlin Drive.

Elena bought the house in 2016 for $6,4 million and registered it in the name of herself and her husband, Igor Malyshev. The interior design of the house is made in a classic style and is lavishly decorated with gilding, marble and crystal.

Why is the person Malysheva interested in the opposition right now?

During the pandemic, Elena Malysheva became the main speaker in Russia on the topic of coronavirus. The authors of the investigation studied Elena’s statements over the past few months and were “horrified.” She attends dozens of programs and says that there is no danger, that everything is not as bad as it seems. That only old people die. That the virus is only in China. That the disease, from which more than 200 thousand people have already died in a couple of months, is a common seasonal infection. And the excitement is connected with “something else,” apparently a global conspiracy.

Navalny calls Malysheva a Kremlin propagandist who broadcasts to the masses only what is approved by the top authorities. In one of the last interviews, where Elena Malysheva spoke out for raising the retirement age in Russia, she said that “Moscow is the best place on Earth.”

“Moscow, in her opinion, has become the best place on earth. Only now Dr. Malysheva bought a house for half a billion rubles not in the best place in the world, but in New Jersey. According to the constant tradition of state propagandists,” says Alexei Navalny.

But who lives in Malysheva’s luxurious house while she works on Russian television?

Navalny’s team found out that Malysheva’s son, Yuri, lives in New York. He works in a city hospital and blogs on social networks. He also often took part in the filming of the program “Live Healthy!”, the constant presenter of which is Malysheva herself.

As you know, the son Yuri is a doctor by training, first completed his residency in “surgery” in Russia, and then continued his studies in the USA. The youngest son, Vasily graduated from the Law Academy in Russia, after which he also moved to the United States, where he graduated from a law school.

On the video from Yuri's social networks, the interiors of the same mansion in New Jersey were found, as well as an apartment in the center of New York, which, as it turned out, also belongs to the Malyshevs family. So, the youngest son of Elena Malysheva, Vasily, owns two apartments in the city: identical apartments on different floors of the same house, each with an area of ​​110 m² and costing $ 4,2 million.

After the publication of the investigation, Yuri Malyshev made his blog closed, as did the video from the rich interiors.

Yuri Malyshev’s blog on Instagram became closed after the publication of Navalny’s investigation. Malyshevmd / Instagram

The total value of the real estate of Elena Malysheva and her family in the United States is estimated at $ 11 million. Earlier, the TV presenter stated that she lives on income from the TV channel and her clinics in Moscow, but the authors of the investigation doubt that they would cover such a large purchase in the United States.

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