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US tourists spend 89 million dollars during World Cup

Russian credit organizations summed up the first results on the spending of foreign tourists in Russia during the World Cup. According to bank research, foreigners spent most of their money on hotels, restaurants and transport, a significant proportion of the funds left by fans in fast-food establishments, bars, souvenir shops and museums.

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

Thus, according to Sberbank estimates, the total expenses of foreigners in the European part of Russia during the championship amounted to about $ 1,5 billion (24 million dollars), reports TASS... This is twice as much compared to the same period in 2017, when the Confederations Cup was held, the bank noted. At the same time, on the main street of the championship in the center of Moscow - Nikolskaya - the turnover of Sberbank's acquiring network with foreign cards grew almost 3,5 times and amounted to 220 million rubles (3,5 million dollars), and the average check reached 8,8 thousand rubles ($ 140).

“But there were exceptions: for example, on June 16, Qatari residents made four purchases worth 8 million rubles (128 thousand dollars). Holders of cards from China spent the most on Nikolskaya - 50 million rubles (800 thousand dollars), Mexico - 22 million rubles (350 thousand dollars), the USA - 16 million rubles (256 thousand dollars), Qatar - 12 million rubles (192 thousand dollars) ) ”, - noted in the bank.

Photo: Denis Tyrin / TASS

Expense rating

According to Otkritie Bank, fans spent a quarter of their funds in fast food establishments, bars, restaurants and shops. A fifth of the costs were for flights and accommodation. In particular, the volume of transactions for airline services during the championship increased 1,9 times, museums - 1,6 times, hotels - 1,3 times.

Most often, fans from the United States were spent on food in restaurants and souvenirs. So, they left at least 713,76 million rubles ($ 11,5 million) for meals and 176 million rubles ($ 2,8 million) in souvenir shops, according to Sberbank data. Cardholders from China and Qatar, in turn, were interested in buying clothes, spending 26% and 45% of their expenses on it, respectively.

“There are fans from China who preferred to buy jewelry and watches. Representatives of the PRC provided 65,1% of the cost of cosmetics (451,27 million rubles - $ 8,7 million) and 38,6% of the demand for jewelry (404,2 million rubles - almost $ 5 million), ”Sberbank said. ... In total, foreign fans spent 1,2 billion rubles ($ 19 million) on jewelry and watches, and left 920 million rubles ($ 14,7 million) in souvenir shops, according to a bank study.

Sberbank also reports that World Cup guests' spending on pharmacy products amounted to 470 million rubles (7,5 million dollars), which is 5% more than a year earlier.

Leaders in spending have become tourists from the US

According to Otkritie Bank, they accounted for 25% of the total volume of transactions of foreign fans through the terminals of a credit institution. According to Sberbank's calculations, Americans left more than 5,6 billion rubles ($ 89 million) in Russia, which is three times more than the same period a year earlier. In second place are tourists from China, who spent 4,1 billion rubles ($ 65 million - an increase of 1,6 times). It is noted that Mexicans made 14% of the total volume of transactions according to the Otkritie Bank. Another 9% of transactions fell on the British and 6% - on the Swiss, according to the data of "Discovery".

At the same time, 75% of foreign cards were purchased in only one city out of 11, where the championship was held, 15% - in two cities, 10% - in three or more. And only one card, issued in China, was recorded in all 11 cities, noted in Sberbank.

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

Leading cities

During the World Cup, football fans spent most of their money in Moscow, leaving more than twice as much money in the Russian capital as in the same period a year earlier - 18,5 billion rubles ($ 296 million). In second place is St. Petersburg: here the fans spent 8,3 billion rubles ($ 133 million - an increase of 69%). The Krasnodar Territory (2,6 billion rubles - $ 41 million) and the Sverdlovsk Region (1,22 billion rubles - $ 19,5 million), respectively, are in third and fourth places in terms of spending. In fifth place is Tatarstan, where fans left 1,21 billion rubles ($ 19 million), according to Sberbank data.

The largest share of spending (36,5%) occurred in the period from 18 to 24 June. At the same time, an increase in the activity of the fans was observed in the days of significant victories of the national teams. For example, Croats actively made purchases on June 18 and July 9.

Currency exchange

Currency exchange transactions increased during the championship by 15% compared with May of this year, according to data from VTB Bank. The main share is traditionally occupied by dollars and euros. Also, the demand for card conversions (euro-to-ruble transfers) increased by 6%.

At the same time, according to Sberbank, the fans preferred to make purchases by bank transfer. For example, Europeans made purchases using a bank card in about 70% of cases; for the countries of North and South America, this figure is about 90%. Brazil became the champion in this category with 96% of non-cash card turnover.

Cash was preferred by fans from the CIS countries and Africa. Guests from Scandinavia also showed interest in cash - fans from Norway and Sweden received about 15% of the money spent at ATMs, noted in Sberbank.

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